Ultimate guide to CoBrowsing
Standing Out in Today’s Business Landscape

01 Standing Out in Today’s Business Landscape

It’s no secret that the customer experience is becoming a more important topic inside the headquarters of large enterprises worldwide.
While it used to be enough to compete solely on price, today’s consumer demands more. The heightened expectations of the customer have created a business landscape where experience often trumps cost, and product differentiation is tied more closely to innovation and decreased customer effort.

So, how are companies reshaping their customer experience and how are they not only meeting, but exceeding their expectations?

The most innovative companies today are surprisingly quick to leverage new technologies to make online buying and servicing more customer-centric and, in doing so, are able to stand apart from their competition. While adding technologies like live chat to their websites was a positive step in the right direction, chat as a channel is becoming the norm. CoBrowsing, on the other hand, provides new life to chat (Chat 2.0), creating the high-touch, deep level of engagement needed to truly stand out. Guiding a customer through an application, or digitally walking them through account changes with CoBrowsing creates a lasting impression at critical moments of the customer journey.
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