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More meaningful conversations on channels they choose

Have More Meaningful Conversations with Your Customers

Glia enables companies to have the most relevant and meaningful conversations with their customers on the channels they choose.

We know that no two customer engagements are ever the same. That’s why Glia allows you to communicate with your customers on a variety of different channels - all managed through a single platform.

With live chat, audio chat (both phone and VoIP), and video chat, Glia provides the perfect mode of customer communication for all levels of complexity. And with Glia’s rich visual engagement tools like CoBrowse and Observation, you can provide your agents with unprecedented visual context - enabling more efficient support with decreased resolution times.

Learn more about how OmniChannel Customer Engagement is more than just CoBrowsing.

True Omnichannel Customer Engagement

SaleMove offers a true omnichannel customer engagement platform that provides a 360° view of your website visitors.

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Identification & Segmentation
SaleMove uses predefined business logic to intelligently view website visitors in real-time and then segments them based on behavioral or demographic data.

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Have conversations with your customers on the channels they prefer - both reactively and proactively - ensuring minimal customer effort and maximum satisfaction.

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Visual Context
Arm your agents with real-time visual context through live web observation and CoBrowsing - allowing your agents and customers to be on the same page immediately.

Feature Comparison

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Web Chat
SMS Chat
Web Audio
1-Way Video Chat
2-Way Video Chat
AI Assistance
Off-Duty Messages
Engage Beyond the Website
No Downloads or Installation
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SaleMove logo
Live Web Observation
Dual-Cursor Control
Multi-tab CoBrowsing
1-way Screen Share
2-way Screen Share
Customizable Surveys
Single system including Web Chat
Single system including Audio Chat
Single system including Video Chat
Peer-to-Peer Connection
Field Masking
Button Disabling
Div Blocking
Compliance Recording
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SaleMove logo
Visitor Identification
Visitor Segmentation
Agent Alerts
Agent Initiated Messaging
Behavioral-Triggered Messaging
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SaleMove logo
CRM integration
Telephony integration
Facebook Messenger Integration
3rd-party communication integration
Platform customization
API availability
SOC2 Compliant
Reporting & Analytics

Questions to ask when choosing a Customer Engagement Solution

Can you engage customers on the channel of their choice?
Unlike glance, Glia goes beyond CoBrowsing to engage customers using a variety of communication channels. Glia enables companies to achieve a full OmniChannel Customer Experience with CoBrowsing being only a single component of that experience. With out-of-the-box live chat, audio, video, and screensharing options, Glia can offer the most relevant communication channel for every customer engagement.

Does your solution offer true visual engagement tools?
Visual engagement is at the core of Glia’s customer engagement platform. Unlike other point solutions, such as glance, with limited CoBrowsing capabilities, Glia provides companies best-in-class CoBrowsing technology, including multi-tab, dual-party control, session archiving, one and two-way video chat, one and two-way screen sharing, and live web observation - all while a chat, audio, or video engagement is in progress.
Can you incorporate AI or chatbots?
Live observation is a critical component to any visual engagement solution. With live observation, your agents can see your customers’ current browsing session - allowing them to identify issues before engaging. Additionally, observation has proven to increase utilization of CoBrowsing, leading to marked improvement in customer satisfaction and overall customer experience. In fact, our customers have seen a 30%+ increase of CoBrowsing utilization after leveraging observation.

Will it seamlessly integrate with your existing systems?
In addition to offering basic APIs like glance, Glia solutions were built with ultimate flexibility in mind. From our standalone CoBrowsing technology to our real-time WebHook integrations, Glia provides a rich set of advanced APIs - allowing for complete customization and seamless integration with your existing technology stack.
"We chose Glia over glance because Glia offered a full-featured platform that we could grow into as an organization rather than a single point solution. After testing both solutions, Glia was also easier to integrate with and provided Live Observation which is a major value add."
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