Current State of Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Chatbots are hot topics for businesses of all kinds. However, rushed rollouts and the current state of technology can lead to a sub-optimal customer experience. This site will examine the most common way companies are using chatbots today and explore an alternative method that some of the most innovative companies are adopting.

Let's see how most companies are utilizing chatbots
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Typical Chatbot Implementation
Many companies rush to implement chatbots, interfacing their AI directly with customers - often to the detriment of the customer experience.
Core Problems with Unsupervised Bots:
Core Problems with Unsupervised Bots:

Now let's explore an alternate, more responsible way to leverage AI.

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Agent-Assisted Chatbot Rollout
To build more accurate AI and deliver a better customer experience, interface your chatbot with your own agents - creating more consistent and efficient agents.

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Typical Chatbot Implementation
Unsupervised bot leads to several negative customer experiences.
Agent-Assisted Chatbot Rollout
Supervised bots or AI-Powered humans enables a fast, accurate and positive customer experience.
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