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Hi! What’s the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate.
Hi! The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 4.58%.
Great! How does it compare to an average 15-year rate? 
The 15-year rate is about 4% and 30-year rate around 4.58%.

The path towards gaining the efficiencies of chatbots while preserving customer experience

Benefits of AI

Increase Efficiency

Simplify Next Issue Avoidance

Decrease Abandonment Rate

How it works

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Typical Chatbot Implementation
Many companies rush to implement chatbots, interfacing their AI directly with customers - often to the detriment of the customer experience.
Core Problems with Unsupervised Bots:
Core Problems with Unsupervised Bots:

Now let's explore an alternate, more responsible way to leverage AI.

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Agent-Assisted Chatbot Rollout
To build more accurate AI and deliver a better customer experience, interface your chatbot with your own agents - creating more consistent and efficient agents.

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Typical Chatbot Implementation
Unsupervised bot leads to several negative customer experiences.
Agent-Assisted Chatbot Rollout
Supervised bots or AI-Powered humans enables a fast, accurate and positive customer experience.

End-to-End Chatbots that Make Sense

Glia scans customer chat sessions in real-time and presents suggested answers or prompts to customer service agents immediately, which can be accepted, discarded, or modified. As the accuracy of these suggestions improve, Glia has the option to automatically send them to customers.

Your New AI Supervisor

With OmniGuide’s machine learning capabilities and powerful AI engine, companies can have new chat agents up and running faster than ever. Suggested answers and prompts serve as an ever-present supervisor - ensuring consistency and accuracy in messaging and customer support.

A Chassis for any Engine

Plug the AI engine of your choice (from Watson to Lex to homegrown). Receive analytics and statistics about how your bots are performing, how they handle human transfers and configure proper routing to teams.

Be the company your customers would love you to be

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