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Ai management platform
The world's first solution for orchestrating multiple
conversational AI deployments in one place

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Management

Orchestrate Chatbots

Assist Agents

Cross Channel

Orchestrate all your chatbots in one place

Enterprises want to deploy chatbots, and our AI management platform allows enterprises to orchestrate deployments both large and small across multiple facets within a business.   
Engine use casesIBM WatsonMicrosoft botGoogle DialogflowAWS Amazon LexCustom bot
Orchestrate all chatbots

Engine Agnostic

Glia enables your enterprise to utilize multiple chatbot engines. Some engines are better equipped for certain use cases; which allows you to deploy specific engines for specific use cases. This prevents vendor lock-in within a rapidly evolving technology.
Multiple virtual assistants

Multiple Virtual Assistants

Similar to your website having a series of subsites, chatbots must be trained and deployed for distinct use cases. Making your chatbots use case specific enables enterprises to have multiple product teams working on virtual assistant deployments simultaneously. This prevents overlapping intents by narrowing down the potential scope to clear-cut use cases.
AI virtual assistant viewMortgage EngineConcierge EngineISAs EngineInvestments EngineLoans EngineAuto Finance Engine

Deploy conversational AI to
assist your customers

Glia's artificial intelligence management platform allows enterprises to deploy conversational AI in six different ways to assist customers.
Bot to bot transfer

Bot to bot transfer

Enable specialized bots to transfer between each other, allowing enterprises to deploy multiple bots across several frameworks with specific skills
Bot to human transfer

Bot to human transfer

Enable bots to seamlessly transfer to humans, directly or through a queue system, and allow humans to transfer back to bots
AI custom UI commands

Custom UI Commands

Build your own UI with custom commands. For example, launch a calculator during the customer and bot interaction
Bot cobrowsing

Bot CoBrowsing

Enable bots to CoBrowse (navigate, scroll and point) directly with customers without the use of a human
AI choice cards

Choice Cards

Enable choice cards as a user interface to allow customer selection
AI choice cards

Progressive Profiling

Intake information using third party systems for data capture before transferring to a human
AI management contentAI management console
Hi! What’s the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate.
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Hi! The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 4.58%.
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Great! How does it compare to an average 15-year rate? 
The 15-year rate is about 4% and 30-year rate around 4.58%.
AI management browser
AI Management Platform

Deploy Conversational AI to assist your agents

With OmniGuide’s machine learning capabilities and powerful AI engine, companies can have new chat agents up and running faster than ever. Suggested answers and prompts serve as an ever-present supervisor - ensuring consistency and accuracy in messaging and customer support.
AI Scans customer session

Scans chat session

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AI Presents Suggested Answer

Presents suggested answer

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Operator uses AI suggestions

Operator acts

Glia scans customer chat sessions in real-time and presents suggested answers or prompts to customer service agents in real time, which can be accepted, discarded, or modified. As the accuracy of these suggestions improve, companies have the option to automatically send these responses to customers.

How it works

Click below to watch an example of Conversational AI in action
Conversational AI in action
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Typical Chatbot Implementation
Many companies rush to implement chatbots, interfacing their AI directly with customers - often to the detriment of the customer experience.
Core Problems with Unsupervised Bots:
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Visitor question 1
Bot text 1
Bot icon
Visitor question 2
Bot red text 1
Bot iconRed flag
visitor icon
Visitor question 3
Bot text 2
Bot icon
visitor icon
Visitor question 4
Bot red text 2
Bot iconRed flag
visitor icon
Visitor question 5
Bot red text 3
Bot iconRed flag
Core Problems with Unsupervised Bots:
Error text 1
Error text 2
Error text 3

Now let's explore an alternate, more responsible way to leverage AI.

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Agent-Assisted Chatbot Rollout
To build more accurate AI and deliver a better customer experience, interface your chatbot with your own agents - creating more consistent and efficient agents.

See comparison

Compare both options

Typical Chatbot Implementation
Unsupervised bot leads to several negative customer experiences.
Agent-Assisted Chatbot Rollout
Supervised bots or AI-Powered humans enables a fast, accurate and positive customer experience.

Conversational AI reporting

Live Reporting

See live reporting of your bots as they communicate with your customers
AI Live Reporting

Historical Reporting

See a past report of how your bots are performing right next to your agents
AI Historical Reporting
Average Handle TimeAHT without OmniGuideAHT reductionAHT total time savedAverage Handle Time graphPink graph linePink graph line
AI Browser

Reducing Average Handle Time (AHT)

Optimize your bot deployments to drive results such as reducing Average Handle Time (AHT)
Reporting Average Handle Time

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