ChannelLess™️ Architecture

One Seamless Customer Experience that Eliminates the Disconnect

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Focus on the full customer engagement, not any specific channel

What Do We Mean by ChannelLess?

ChannelLess™ Architecture integrates all communications to seamlessly work together at every level, enabling:
Easy transitions from one channel to another
A single platform for the service team to support
Unified administration and reporting of engagements across all channels
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Benefits of ChannelLess Architecture

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One seamless experience across all interaction types

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Representative efficiency and satisfaction

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Unified UX, routing, and reporting

ChannelLess™ Architecture—What Omnichannel Was Meant to Be™

Overcome silos and limitations of fragmented solutions to provide seamless 5-star customer experiences in every channel
While Omnichannel solutions support multiple channels on a platform, they still treat each as a separate silo, leading to re-starts for customers and complexity for managers.

Glia’s ChannelLess Architecture seamlessly enables multiple channels within a single engagement, streamlining experiences for customers, agents, and managers
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See a past report of how your bots are performing right next to your agents
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Persistent context and visual collaboration with Live Observation and CoBrowsing
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Unified administration as well as engagement data across all digital channels

Improve Customer Communications

ChannelLess—What Omnichannel was Meant to Be

Fragmented Solutions Deliver Fragmented Experiences

Imagine a visitor in a live chat unable to resolve their needs within the channel; they are typically forced to break the connection and start over on the phone. This creates unnecessary friction, frustration, and abandonments.
“78% of consumers will abandon a transaction because of a poor customer experience—like having to make a phone call and duplicating the whole process again.”
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A ChannelLess Platform Delivers One Seamless Experience

ChannelLess customer service eliminates such dead-ends so the same visitor can easily escalate to (or even start with) OnScreen Voice to keep the conversation moving forward without interruption for higher satisfaction and conversions.
“92% of consumers are likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience”
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Deliver A Seamless Experience

Across All Channels—Messaging, Phone, OnScreen Voice & Video
Provide Better Customer Service Across the Entire Engagement
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Continuous Connection
Seamless transitions between channels provides a consistent experience
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Deeper Insight
Live Observation and Persistent Context across all channels promotes greater clarity and effectiveness
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Guided Engagement
Guiding visitors with CoBrowsing  boosts Customer Experience (CX) AND Employee Experience (EX)
Make Data-Driven Decisions to Manage Your Business
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Single Source of Data
Glia’s ChannelLess Architecture removes siloes for a single source of data across all touch points
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Holistic Data
Supervisors see holistic contact center data in real-time to make data-driven decisions
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Optimize Operations
Administrators gain business insights to data trends that help them optimize operations

One Unified, Easy-to-Use, ChannelLess Platform for Everyone

Raise Satisfaction, Lower Abandonment

Start with any Channel and Easily Transition to Another
Provide a single engagement that doesn’t force them to start all over and re-explain their issue—even as they transition from one channel to another.
  • Meet them where they are with true channel choice and flexibility
  • Reduce friction points that can lead to frustration and abandonment
  • Provide OnScreen guidance to promote satisfaction and self-sufficiency
72% of customers consider explaining their problem to multiple service reps as poor customers service
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Empower, Satisfy, Retain

Meet Customers Where They Are
Provide the tools to serve better, boost employee experience and effectiveness and slash turnover
  • OnScreen context and collaboration for better outcomes and higher job satisfaction
  • Handle more engagements while providing meaningful, personalized support
  • Simplify with one unified UX and a single pane of glass for all channels
Engaged teams experience up to 59% less turnover, a 17% jump in productivity, 10% higher customer ratings, and drive 21% greater profitability.
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Simplified Team Management

Greater Efficiency, Easy to Manage and Retain Top Reps
Single platform to manage and develop contact center staff, streamline training and build a more productive and satisfied team—including the supervisors themselves
  • Flexibly and quickly administer agents, teams and queues across all channels
  • ChannelLess’ coaching tools like Digital Whisper to build rep skills
  • Consolidated analytics and reporting across channels
21% of employees cite inadequate career development as their reason for quitting
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Unified Admin & Report

Visibility for Data-Driven Decisions and Greater Ability to Manage and Improve the Overall Customer Experience
Single source of engagement data enables better insight and faster decision making
  • Use sophisticated business logic to optimize the entire customer service journey
  • Use digital body language and other context to route customers to the right resource in the right channel
  • Optimize operations with comprehensive reporting and business intelligence across the unified platform
6% of companies use customer interaction data from all channels to make business decisions.
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ChannelLess Platform Advantages

How Can Seamless Customer Service Help You Help Consumers?

Focus on What Customers Need

Glia’s unified Digital Customer Service (DCS), phone and automation platform allows you to meet customers where they are and easily transition between channels, removing friction points that can lead to frustration and drive up abandonment rates.
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Empower Your Team to Be More Strategic

Give reps the ability to ‘follow’ and guide customers throughout their entire interaction journey and show them how to address their issues now and in the future, leading to more satisfying experiences for everyone.

Future-Proof Customer Service

The modular, cloud-based solution gives you access to the latest innovations. No constant upgrades. No disruption to how you provide customer service. Add channels, capabilities and use cases as your needs grow now and into the future.
Future proof customer service

Still Curious?

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