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Make any live interaction with Members simple and easy. Bring the in-branch experience to your website and mobile apps.

Benefits for Credit Unions

Enhance Your Member Experience

Improve Your Member Acquisition

Exceed Member Expectations

Enhance Your Member Experience

Improving your overall member experience results in higher retention and loyalty, which leads to long term, multi-generational relationships. Improving member retention and loyalty by just 5% can increase profits 25%-95% and teaching members to effectively self-serve on your website helps retain 40% more Members year-over-year.

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Improve Your Member Acquisition

Glia enables Credit Unions to improve their real-time lead generation while also assisting new members during their onboarding process. Glia has a proven track record of increasing online lead conversion (by +100%) and also empowers your on-boarding team for maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Reduce Your Member Effort Score

Glia’s platform creates a seamless, unbroken member experience that drives both loyalty and expansion. 96% of consumers who have to put forth a lot of effort to resolve their problems are more disloyal. Similarly, 94% of consumers who experienced an effortless experience are likely to repurchase compared to only 4% who found the process difficult.
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Increased Conversion  

When it comes to customer engagement, the leading cause of disloyalty is a broken customer journey (channel switching.) When agents are able to guide customers in the right direction and assist them during complex processes, this leads to increases in conversion by +100%.

Handle-Time Reductions   

When agents utilize an OmniChannel platform, they are able to gain context into a visitor's browsing session in real time. This way, agents are able to get on the same page as the customer in seconds, leading to reductions in Average Handle Time by +25%.

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“With Glia we increased our conversion by over 200%”

Director of Digital - Top 10 Bank