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Improve online sales and the policyholder digital experience

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Easily layer rich collaboration on any of your existing quoting, application, servicing or claims digital experiences. Engage policyholders, agents, and potential customers in any channel to provide an effortless, personalized experience.

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Benefits for Insurance Companies

Improve customer acquisition

Sell More Online

Reduce Servicing Costs

Reduce Servicing Costs

Improve Agent Brand Loyalty

Improve Agent Brand Loyalty

Glia Client Experiences Mercury
Testimonial Video

Glia Client Experience: Mercury Insurance

Kevin Bailey, Director of Underwriting Research and Innovation at Mercury Insurance, shares how Glia helped improve their online experiences for underwriters and agents.

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How Insurance Companies use Glia

Accelerate D2C Policy Sales

Increase lead conversions 3-4x by proactively engaging potential customers before they abandon your online form. Providing onscreen guidance through chat, video, voice, with the ability to CoBrowse, makes it easier for policyholders to buy online. Communicating at the point of sale also allows for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Accelerate D2C Policy Sales
Enhanced Policyholder Support

Enhanced Policyholder Support

Assist your policyholders when, where and how they want it. Leverage Live Observation and CoBrowsing to gain valuable context and seamlessly guide policyholders to make policy changes, pay their bill or file a claim. Create exceptional service experiences to boost customer satisfaction scores and improve retention rates.

Offer Premium Insurance Agent Experiences

Streamline the experience on your agent portal by providing responsive, personalized on-screen service. Reduce confusion with real-time collaboration capabilities and build agent confidence and proficiency for future interactions. In doing so, you’ll foster agent satisfaction and boost your brand loyalty.

Offer Premium Insurance Agent Experiences
Dynamic FNOL

Dynamic FNOL

Drive claims processing success while improving customer satisfaction when policyholders need you most. Guide policyholders through your online First Notice of Loss (FNOL) form with CoBrowsing, ensuring accuracy and completeness that drives claims success. Adding OnScreen Voice or video to chat engagements during claims interactions enables reps to show empathy and improves customer satisfaction.

Other Digital Customer Service (DCS) Use Cases for Insurers

We’ve highlighted some of the most common ways insurance companies are leveraging Glia’s DCS platform to improve their business, but there are many other applications in use today. Let us know the challenges you’re dealing with and we would be happy to discuss how Glia can be leveraged to solve your business challenge.

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Leading P&C Insurer Drives Measured Contact Center Efficiency with Glia

Leading P&C Insurer Drives Measured Contact Center Efficiency with Glia

Reduces total service contacts by 18%


Reinvent How You Serve Your Policyholders and Agents

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“With Glia we increased our online conversion by 4X"

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