Elevating Digital Customer Service for Banks

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Engage banking customers seamlessly at their point of need

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Benefits for Banks

Improve customer acquisition

Increase Conversions

Reduce Servicing Costs

Improve Efficiencies

Improve Agent Brand Loyalty

Enhance Customer Experience

Digital Customer Service (DCS) provides one seamless customer engagement through any channel, including:

along with insightful, collaborative tools.
Glia Client Experiences Umpqua Bank
Testimonial Video

Glia Client Experience: Umpqua Bank

The Digital Product Manager, Global Payments & Deposits at Umpqua Bank discusses how Glia’s interaction platform took the bank’s digital solution to the next level.

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How Banks Use DCS

Increase Digital Channel Efficiencies

Reduce friction and increase the effectiveness of customer interactions with visual context. Streamline communications across channels in a single engagement that improves clarity and lowers abandonments. Deliver a seamless blend of AI self-service and live online banking support for optimal efficiency.

Increase Digital Channel Efficiencies
Enhanced Policyholder Support

Expand Revenue Opportunities

Increase conversions by guiding customers on screen to find and apply for products that meet their needs, including loans, credit cards, and more. Accelerate sales with visual context and CoBrowsing to help dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Amplify Customer Satisfaction

According to Forrester, 84% of customers start their customer service journey online. Enabling valuable on-screen engagement builds deeper loyalty through personalized, meaningful support, when it is most needed.

Offer Premium Insurance Agent Experiences
Dynamic FNOL

Drive New Customer Acquisition

Financial institutions that use Glia typically experience up to a 72% increase in new account conversions. Helping customers at their point of need eliminates sticking points and meets increasingly high customer expectations.

Glia Case Study Top Bank Increase Conversion by +400%
Success Story

Top Bank Increases Loan Applications with Glia

Discover how better experience and smoother customer journey made possible by Glia enabled this company to achieve maximum ROI.


Other DCS Use Cases for Bankers

These are the most common ways banks are leveraging Glia’s DCS platform. Let us know the challenges you face and we would be happy to discuss how Glia can help.

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Director of Digital - Top 10 Bank