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Customer Service Done Differently - Digitally Powered

Why are the world’s top companies making the switch to digital?

Customers now dictate how they want to communicate with companies - they want simple, seamless and digital first.
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Top Companies making the switch to digital
Increased Efficiency
Increased efficiency
CX is currency
Customer experience is currency
Meet customer where they are
Meet customers where they are
CX is not commoditized
Products are commoditized, CX is not
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If you’re not digital, you’re already behind

Before we were digital…

Back in the day, customer service interactions were comprised of initiation, connection and experience.
Dot progress lineDot progress lineDot progress lineInitiated Over the Phone
Initiated over the phone
Connected Using a Dial Pad
Connected using a dial pad
Experienced Through Verbal Communication
Experienced through verbal communication

What Changed?

Frustrated Customer
Simply put, your customers don’t like a phone experience which is disconnected from the rest of their digital lives- especially now that there are tons of better, digital-first options readily available for them to communicate on their terms.
Communication has changed in a customer’s personal and professional lives to blend the best of telephone and digital to provide rich communication experiences, but when interacting with companies they do business with, all of a sudden they are stuck back in the phone-only era. This doesn’t lead to customer satisfaction, and now it’s the customers who are choosing which businesses they wish to patronize based upon the quality of their experience.
Those who can’t, won’t or don’t adapt to this digital-first era are losing customers on a daily basis.

Customer Service Today

Today there are two types of companies you can do business with, those who were born in the phone-first era, and those who were born in the digital-first era.
Phone-first vs Digital-First
Customer dialling a phone number
Dial a Phone Number
Mobile phone tree
Phone Trees
Verbal communication
Click to Message and Talk
Click to Message and Talk
Automatic Conncection
Visual Communication
Glia logo
Glia is the glue that bands these two categories together.
Now, talking or messaging are just a click away. Customers can automatically connect to the right person using “digital body language” and information that’s collected digitally.
co browsing live observation barCobrowsing content scrolling
Agent cobrowsing cursorVisitor cobrowsing cursor
Co browsing browser
CoBrowsing in action image
Glia Digital Customer Service
Digital experience blue stroke
Digital experience blue stroke
Digital experience blue stroke