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Pre-Built Conversational AI for Banking

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Improve banking service efficiency and quality

Benefits of Glia Virtual Assistants

Quickly Deliver 24/7 Self-Service

Quickly Deliver 24/7 Self-Service

Comprehensive Turn-key Banking AI

Comprehensive Turn-key Banking AI

Optimize Support Efficiency

Optimize Support Efficiency

Glia Virtual Assistants (GVAs) are pre-built AI assistants that automate routine service inquiries to help customers/members self-serve and navigate your public and authenticated digital properties. They are fueled by 800+ banking user goals and a content management system to easily customize responses.
GVAs can pass engagements to live agents with full context as part of a Digital Customer Service platform (including voice, video, and OnScreen collaboration), and are easily managed through the AI Management module.

Reduce resolution times and free up representatives for higher-value interactions

Built specifically for financial institutions, Glia Virtual Assistants automate routine service inquiries and help customers get answers faster.

  • Automate service inquiries - AI-powered self-service means help is available instantly, 24/7, at the moment of need. No need to extend service hours or add new staff.
  • Free up agent time - Representatives are no longer needed for routine, redundant requests. Live agents are freed up for high-value inquiries with shortened wait times. 

Personalized responses with an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system

Glia Virtual Assistants feature a CMS that enables banks ​​and credit unions to focus on crafting the best, personalized responses for their end-user, not training the chatbot’s AI. The GVA Content Management System provides:

  • Pre-built library of default response templates for 800+ user goals
  • No-code, low complexity system to add and manage GVA responses and workflows
  • Fully customizable content statuses, owner assignments, and full edit history allow your marketing, IT, compliance, and support center staff to work together efficiently

How Glia Virtual Assistants work

Online Applications
Automate more than 50% of service inquiries
With answers to 800+ commonly asked banking questions, Glia Virtual Assistants help your users quickly and easily navigate your website, find product information, access troubleshooting during application flows, and resolve customer support queries — all without any human intervention.
Collections and Dispute Resolutions
Seamless experiences for virtual and agent-assisted journeys
Seamlessly hand off high-value support inquiries to live agents within Glia. Representatives receive full conversation history and can easily switch to voice, video, CoBrowsing, and more.
Claims Processing
Pre-trained and works out of the box
Your public website is a great starting point for your chatbot journey. Glia Virtual Assistants are designed off the shelf to address 90% of retail banking conversations, allowing them to be launched in weeks, not months.
Glia Case Study PSECU Bringing Life to Virtual Assistants

Implementing AI to Alleviate Contact Center Traffic

Learn how conversational AI can free up your live representatives for high-value interactions, rather than fielding routine, time-consuming inquiries.

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