5 Ways to Fast-Track Technology Deployment

Financial institutions realize technology advancement is a must but it can be cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be.
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When looking to enhance their customer interactions, FIs that choose their interaction platform wisely can reap the benefits and capture the value of their technology investments sooner and with greater ease. Avoiding common obstacles before, during, and after deployment is key to accelerating time to value. Here are five areas to consider to expedite technology deployment and its rewards.

1. Shorter implementation time

It is not uncommon for tech projects to take many quarters (or even years) to get off the ground. A streamlined interaction platform can deliver accelerated value in a fraction of the time, in as little as weeks or months.
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2. Pre-integration with fintechs

Integrating new technology with foundational infrastructure like digital banking or core insurance systems can be a long, complicated process between vendor cooperation, interoperability, and support. Choosing a customer interaction platform with proven pre-integration with major fintechs ensures a quicker, more predictable, and reliable path to success.
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3. Quick staff onboarding

Training staff on new technology can be time-consuming and adoption can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows representatives to be up and running in as little as 30 minutes, so FIs can start getting value more rapidly.
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4. Purpose-built for the financial industry

Customizing horizontal technology or dealing with providers who don’t understand your business is frustrating and wastes precious time. Plus, compliance and data protection are vital for FIs. A solution that is purpose-built for the financial industry ensures your unique needs are met with the highest level of security and compliance demanded by industry regulators. This expedites the due diligence review and provides peace of mind.
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5. WhiteGlove™ support

Even with the best-laid plans, hiccups can occur. Knowing that responsive support, that knows you and your industry, is available from the solution provider before, during, and after deployment, provides confidence that issues will be addressed and resolved promptly.
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Investing in technology is critical to stay competitive. Making the right decision on modernizing or adding customer communication technology enables FIs to lead the pack. Choosing the Glia Interaction Platform allows FIs to check off all five ways to quickly deploy and reap the benefits to better thrive in their markets.

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