Drive Digital Adoption Throughout Banking Technology Changes

Avoid Common Pitfalls & Support Digital Users

Drive Digital Adoption Throughout Banking Technology Changes

Common Pitfalls for FIs During Technology Changes  Digital user alienation
Streamlined navigation and feature enhancements may not be equally welcomed by all users, if they have to struggle to find answers to their questions. Overwhelmed contact center staff
While institutions often take into account extra staff training with technology changes, having a greater number of frustrated digital users, frontline staff may burn out.Underestimating the power of self-service
While having the ability to speak with a live representative is ideal for many, over half of surveyed customers preferred self-service vs. speaking with contact center staff. 5 Ways to Support Digital Users to Drive Adoption 
1. Keep digital users online. Instead of disrupting the user’s digital experience by forcing them to make an offline call, contact center staff can use OnScreen Collaboration tools to keep satisfied customers and members within the institution’s digital ecosystems and reclaim 60% of would-be drop-offs. 2. Do more with less. Automation, along with a seamless communication platform such as Digital Customer Service (DCS), provides one single engagement with digital users without extra staff. FIs are able to support 3x the number of interactions with the same staff with DCS. 3. Resolve issues faster. During conversions and upgrades, issues can be resolved 20% faster with collaborative tools, decreasing the number of frustrated visitors. 4. Educate staff to guide digital users. Customer service team members who are ready to point users in the right direction are invaluable during these technology changes. Educate frontline staff early and give them the right tools to assist. It can take as little as 30 minutes to train employees on DCS.5. Leverage self-service. Many users are quite happy utilizing self-service tools. Intelligent AI-driven virtual assistants prepared with common inquiries related to technology updates can address 90% of retail banking conversations. Technology changes are ongoing and necessary for financial institutions to stay competitive. Preparing digital users before, during, and after these changes through DCS will ensure digital adoption continues along with customer and member satisfaction.

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