Senior Software Engineer, Front-End Platform Team

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Senior Software Engineer, Front-End Platform Team

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About Glia

Our award-winning technology powers conversations with customers for some of the world’s largest enterprises. We believe that combining the human touch with technology is the best way to create amazing customer experiences. When human abilities such as problem-solving, creative thinking and relationship building are enhanced with technology... magical moments happen.


We are growing rapidly and seeking a passionate professional to join our Engineering team in Estonia as a Senior Software Engineer - Front-End Platform Team to contribute to our front-end platform and accelerate product teams in their delivery.

The Role

As a Senior Software Engineer, working in a Front-End Platform team, you will build tooling and Front-End infrastructure for product development teams that build scalable web applications using technologies such as ES6 and ReactJS. Your main goal is to help other teams to achieve their goals faster. You have mentoring skills, a track record of leadership, and the willingness to work with engineers and non-engineers of various skill levels. Even though you’ll be focused on your team’s objectives, you’ll be collaborating with engineers across the Engineering department. Overall, you’ll focus on the front-end platform, developer experience and development productivity.

Technical Requirements

  • Expert in FE development using React
  • Familiar with open source library development
  • Great understanding of JavaScript build tooling such as webpack
  • You have experience in creating Front-End application architecture for scale
  • Capable of working with Kubernetes and Docker to support shipping the solutions
  • Excellent in analyzing different solutions to find the best one for current and future needs
  • Skillful in designing and implementing proof of concepts that support decision making
  • Excited about suggesting and building solutions for improving front-end development experience


  • You have Full-Stack experience


  • Glia stock options and competitive salary
  • Diversity: 18 languages and 15 countries represented.
  • Professional development support  (trainings, courses, conferences, books, etc)
  • Transparent career development system
  • Different options for your working preferences (office, remote, flexible)
  • Access to all the latest tools and equipment you’ll need
  • Sports compensation, reimbursement for therapy, counseling sessions
  • Team events: annual employee awards, internal hackathons, and a dozen cool events from cooking to the Glia olympic games :)
  • Generous referral bonuses
  • Relocation & Visa support

If you love to learn and you enjoy navigating through the unknown, let’s talk!

* Glia is an equal opportunity employer. Glia does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or related condition (including breastfeeding), or any other basis protected by law.

* Want to know more about working at Glia?  Check our Glia's Career FAQs

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Company Culture at Glia

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What is Glia’s Mission?

To help businesses reinvent how they support customers in a digital world.

Customers should be able to engage with a brand from where they’re most comfortable and move seamlessly to other modes of communication as needed. Brands should be able to see the customer’s screen to instantly understand the customers’ point of view, and be their co-pilot to a satisfying experience.

Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution brings the in-person experience to all customer interactions - whether they start online or on the phone.

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