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Digital Customer Service Soars with Duck Creek and Glia

Built for the cloud, Duck Creek Technologies enables P&C insurance businesses to reimagine, innovate and continuously deliver game-changing results. Integrating Glia's cloud-based Digital Customer Service suite, Duck Creek users can connect and communicate with customers and their external agents/brokers wherever they are: on their screens.

Glia delivers a Digital Customer Service platform that combines all customer and agent/broker interaction channels -- video, on-screen voice, SMS, phone, chat, CoBrowsing -- in a single platform.
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Digital Customer Service helps customers realize benefits like:

Increase Online Conversion

Modernize Support

Enhance your Agent Experience

Glia Case Study Top Bank Increase Conversion by +400%
SALES case study

Leading P&C Insurer Drives Measured Contact Center Efficiency with Glia

Reduces total service contacts by 18%


Seamless Support Communications with Glia

The marketplace demands that insurance carriers are faster and provide impeccable service to differentiate themselves. Together with the Duck Creek portal, carriers can leverage a seamless experience for representatives and customers. Representatives can visualize points of friction for both agents and end customers, and guide them to OnScreen success with CoBrowsing. Duck Creek and Glia work together elegantly to provide a single, easy-to-use view for representatives.

Glia is available on the Duck Creek Producer solution for agents to access online digital support, and is easily extended to additional sales and customer support use cases. An integration and configuration package is available on Duck Creek’s Content Exchange for customers to easily add Glia to their agent and customer-facing portals.
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