WFM + Unified Interaction Management

Enhance Phone and Digital Customer Service with Workforce Management

Ensure optimal customer experience with the right reps in the right channels at the right time

Why Workforce Management

Why Workforce Management?

A ChannelLess™ interaction platform is the key to providing contextual omnichannel engagement with customers across your digital properties and in the call center. Ensuring you have the right human resources to drive efficiency and success is just as important.

The wealth of your data available via the Glia Interaction Platform, combined with our WFM employee engagement tools, enables you to predictably and properly staff your contact center - providing the top-notch service your clients deserve and expect.

Benefits of Adding AI-Powered WFM

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Forecast Accuracy

Use customer insights and agent data to accurately predict demand for short- and long-term staffing needs and seasonal fluctuation.
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Optimize Coverage

Make sure you have the right headcount of skilled agents available to serve customers in any channel every time.
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Automate Scheduling

Use all the data at your disposal to intelligently schedule reps without all the spreadsheets and manual work.
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Engage & Retain Reps

Empower staff with self-service scheduling simplicity. Enable agents to take control of their work-life balance.
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Analyze & Improve

Compare staffing forecasts and actual results through unified reporting to make data-driven decisions that keep your contact center humming.
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Ensure Great CX

Know you’ll have engaged, skilled resources available when and where needed for optimal customer experiences.

How Does WFM Work with ChannelLess Customer Service?

Glia’s unified interaction management platform empowers you to easily manage call center staffing needs with our productized WFM integrations or use our open APIs to integrate a workforce management solution of your choice.

Combine interaction metadata with factors like employee availability, preferences and skills to ensure shifts are properly staffed, and your staff is properly equipped and engaged for optimal performance.

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