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Consumers should be able to connect with a brand by starting from where they’re most comfortable and move seamlessly to other modes of communication and collaboration to fit their exact need. Brands should be able to see the customers’ screen to instantly understand their point of view and be their co-pilot to a satisfying experience.

Glia’s ChannelLess™ Unified Interaction Management (UIM) platform powers a world of new connection possibilities for companies and their customers. Customers and prospects can connect with a company by starting with the channel at hand–phone, chat, web, or messaging.

That interaction channel evolves as the conversations do in the digital-first world: moving seamlessly between voice and screen, virtual AI assistance, and live humans—even securely sharing screens. No more dropped context. No more frustrated purchase attempts. No more siloed data. The customer and the representative are co-pilots in success that feels effortless, and companies have the reporting and insights that help them build a better business, one interaction at a time. 

Glia elevates your financial services customer experience with our UIM platform

Tailored for digital customer experience (CX) and contact center leaders, Glia meets today’s customer needs, where everyone is on screen, with the ability to manage interactions across chat, voice or video, simplifying experiences for customers and representatives.

It securely and effortlessly integrates with financial systems, managing digital, voice, and AI interactions without losing context.

Over 500 institutions are enhancing customer experience and improving efficiency with Glia.

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Over 500 financial institutions choose Glia to deliver value to their customers

Customer-focused financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and insurance companies use Glia’s Unified Interaction Management Platform. These organizations are committed to providing impeccable service with cutting-edge technology, with customers savvy enough to connect in any and every channel.

In an age where customers are accustomed to interacting through chat, voice, and video in their personal lives, shouldn’t they be able to do the same with the businesses they work with? Glia empowers businesses to easily connect with their customers and members wherever they are via personalized customer interactions, from digital to phone, and from automated to human without missing a beat or losing the conversation history.

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The History and Heart of Glia

We Wrote the Book on Digital Customer Service and are Pioneering Unified Interaction Management

Glia’s journey began in 2011 when our founders were growth consultants for a Fortune 50 retailer. They identified that their client’s main competitive advantage was its superior in-person customer service. They wondered, “How can we replicate that same, winning experience online?” And so Glia was born.

They set out to build a unified Digital Customer Service platform from the ground up, with funding from supportive, tech-savvy investors. The result is a patented, visionary approach to Unified Interaction Management – including Digital Customer Service, automation, and call center technology –  that has earned many industry awards and praise from customers and analysts alike.

Interaction technology is our passion, but customer service is in our DNA. Our WhiteGlove Customer Success organization is invested in sharing best practices and ensuring goals are met throughout the entire customer relationship.

We know that great technology means little without great people to support it. Together our executive and broader Glia team brings decades of experience from the CX, financial services, and high growth SaaS industries. We’re proud of our diverse, growing team spanning the US, Europe, and beyond with their dedication and passion for designing, producing, selling, and supporting our Unified Interaction Management vision.

Glianeers work hard, communicate openly, and support each other (and our clients) fiercely. We hold ourselves to high standards and strong values, including those core values we call CChaMP.

Those values are exemplified in every aspect of Glia from our technology to our people. We're proud of the company culture we've built—one that truly values our clients, partners and employees. If all this sounds like you, check out our career opportunities.

Founder Carlos Paniagua
Carlos Paniagua
Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder
Founder Justin DiPietro
Justin DiPietro
Chief Strategy Officer
& Co-Founder
Founder Dan Michaeli
Dan Michaeli
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Company Culture at Glia

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94% of employees at Glia say it is a great place to work compared to 54% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.






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