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Serve visitors with intelligent, user-initiated or proactive chat through any combination of bots and live agents

Speed-up issue resolution while increasing engagement with Glia Messaging.  

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Connect Chats with Live CoBrowsing

Connect Chats with Live Web Sessions

Messaging is much quicker and more efficient when you have context. CoBrowsing and Live Observation in user-initiated and proactive chats lets you instantly see where a customer is stuck so you can provide on-screen guidance for faster resolution.

Easily Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

Provide your customers with ultimate convenience when you combine SMS messaging with Glia’s AI Management chatbots. With virtual assistants, your customers will receive a faster, more consistent support experience and your representatives will be able to easily handle multiple engagements without a decrease in quality.

Conversational AI Chatbots

Secure File Attachments

Securely exchange supporting documents and photos between operators and customers during chats. Configure which parties can upload attachments, what file types are acceptable, and storage durations for compliance. Automatic security scans protect against malicious content and viruses.

Secure File Attachments

Aggregate Social Channels

Enable social messaging on Glia’s chat platform to take advantage of smart-routing, teams and reporting. This allows you to treat messaging as a single channel and ensure consistent, on-time responses to customers.

Digital Customer Service Social Messaging
Screen of an interface illustrating auto-fill and lightning messages.

Intelligent Auto-Fill and Lightning Messages

Create quick message templates that populate automatically as you type. Store and share the best messages between teams to drive results with your customers.  

Reinvent How You Serve Your Customers

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