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What is Digital
Customer Service

Digital Customer Service (DCS) is a solution that enriches customer touchpoints on web, mobile or phone calls with: communication choices (from messaging to video chat), on-screen collaboration and personalized experiences.

Digital Customer Service channels may include any combination of chat, messaging, phone, cobrowsing, social, online voice, and video for customer care - using any combination of bots and human agents.

Digital Customer Service

What is Digital Customer Service?

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Why Digital
Customer Service?

Consumers have evolved how they interact with friends, family, and colleagues in their daily lives, choosing mobile apps and web-based communications over traditional channels. They increasingly expect the same from the businesses and organizations they deal with, but companies have been slow to respond to these shifting consumer preferences.

That is not to say that businesses are blind to this fact. They may make noble efforts to provide varying forms of multi-channel support, but all too often these result in disconnected, bolt-on, point solutions instead of optimized and unified parts of a holistic customer service strategy. Unfortunately, customer satisfaction results frequently reflect that.

In this age of consumer choice, customers control the conversation, and products and services have become increasingly commoditized. Customer service has become the differentiator that can make or break a business.

A recent Northridge Group study shows a staggering

72% of survey participants would switch to a competitor after just one bad experience.

Causes of Customer Disloyalty


Repeating Information




Being Treated Generally

More repetition

Repeat Contacts

Channel swithcing

Switching Channels


Why Offer Digital Customer Service NOW vs. Later?

The Effortless Experience book

In The Effortless Experience, authors studied more than 125,000 customers and thousands of service reps to see what makes customers loyal.

They concluded that the most significant predictor of disloyalty is the degree of customer effort required.

Benefits of Digital Customer Service

CSAT and NPS Improvement from DCS

Digital Customer Service reduces customer effort by addressing many typical customer experience (CX) pain points. It is not unusual to see 20% improvements in customer satisfaction, reflected in NPS and CSAT scores.

Reduced average handle times with DCS

DCS provides agents with the means and data to be more effective in resolving customer inquiries, lowering Average Handle Times by 18%.

4x conversion lift from Digital Servicing

Helping customers online in their channels of choice and offering contextual on- and off-screen guidance can increase conversion by 4x or more.


Why Glia Digital
Customer Service

Glia IS Digital Customer Service

Glia provides digital-first customer service technology that is reinventing how businesses support their customers online. Unlike fragmented point solutions, seamlessly unify all dial-in and digital channels in an easy-to-use Digital Customer Service solution that meets the security and scalability needs of the most discriminating financial institutions.

Glia enables representatives to engage with customers where they are online, see their screen, and co-pilot them to resolve issues or complete purchases without having to re-explain as they go.

Customers can message with agents or contextual chatbots, talk to reps on the phone or through a computer, and video chat -- moving gracefully between channels as needed while being guided online.

Throughout engagements, AI guidance and multi-application screen-pops optimize agent efficiency and effectiveness in a unified desktop.

Please don't take our word for it; experience Digital Customer Service in action.

Seamless Digital Customer Service (DCS)

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