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Make conversation a part of your native experience.

Keep customers engaged with your app and your business with with Glia Messaging.

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Provide Your Customers a Familiar Experience

As messaging becomes more popular, the expectation for more seamless communication has risen. Meet your customers' expectations by allowing them to easily and quickly engage with your company in a familiar way.

Easily Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

Provide your customers with ultimate convenience when you combine SMS messaging with Glia’s AI Management chatbots. With AI Management, customers will receive a faster, more consistent support experience and your representatives will be able to easily handle multiple engagements without a decrease in quality.

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Native Messaging Directly in Your App

Easily turn your app into another engagement channel. With in-app messaging, customer support is only a tap away - allowing your customers to reach out whenever and wherever they are.

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No More Hours of Operation

In-app messaging allows your customers to engage around the clock. With this “perpetual chat”, your agents can respond when they’re able to and the entire chat history is preserved for convenient review. Better yet, push notifications alert your customers that a new message has arrived.

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Phone Support without the Phone

Glia’s in-app messaging features true digital in-app audio too. If a customer wants to speak to a representative, they can do so - without ever leaving your app! This enables your representatives to avoid costly channel switching and preserves your customers’ in-app user session from which your representatives can acquire valuable visual context.

Get More Out of Your Messaging with Video

Forge deeper relationships with your customers by upgrading an in-app messaging session to a full video chat. With Glia’s in-app video chat, your support representatives can resolve more complex issues in face-to-face matter without the need for any additional code.

Digital in-app video call interface

Reinvent How You Serve Your Customers

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