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Make any live interaction with customers simple and easy. Layer rich collaboration on any of your existing quoting, application, servicing or claims web experiences

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Benefits for Insurers

Improve Customer Acquisition

Modernize Support

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Improve Customer Acquisition

Glia enables insurers to acquire more leads and increase online conversions. Insurance providers are able to identify high-value website visitors, react to inbound communication requests, or proactively reach out via live chat, video, or audio. With our powerful Observation and CoBrowsing features, companies can arm their agents with visual context and offer personalized browsing to better aid customers.

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Glia Case Study Top Bank Increase Conversion by +400%
SALES case study

Leading P&C Insurer Drives Measured Contact Center Efficiency with Glia

Reduces total service contacts by 18%


Modernize Support

Glia allows agents to easily switch between chat, video, and audio communications with customers - reducing customer effort and ensuring increased customer satisfaction. Identify high-value online visitors and alert agents when those visitors hit a point of friction and run the risk of abandonment, reducing total contacts per claim and improving efficiences.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Glia allows insurers to forge and maintain deeper relationships with their customers by providing real-time online “face-to-face” access to account managers, advisors, and agents in a compliant and secure environment. With 2-way video communication, your customers can put a face to a name - building greater customer satisfaction and loyalty in the process.
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Leading Insurance Case Study

Increased Conversion  

When it comes to customer engagement, the leading cause of disloyalty is a broken customer journey (channel switching.) When agents are able to guide customers in the right direction and assist them during complex processes, this leads to increases in conversion by +100%.
Leading P&C Insurer Case Study

Handle-Time Reductions   

When agents utilize an OmniChannel platform, they are able to gain context into a visitor's browsing session in real time. This way, agents are able to get on the same page as the customer in seconds, leading to reductions in Average Handle Time by +25%.

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“With Glia we increased our conversion by over 200%”

Director of Digital - Top 10 Bank