Glia Enhances SMS and Outbound Calling to Help Businesses Get Proactive with ChannelLess Digital Customer Service

Glia Enhances SMS and Outbound Calling to Help Businesses Get Proactive with ChannelLess Digital Customer Service

June 28, 2022

Makes SMS and phone calls part of the seamless digital experience

 NEW YORK—June 28, 2022—Glia, the leading provider of Digital Customer Service (DCS), has extended the proactive outbound capabilities of its DCS platform with two new features—ChannelLess™ SMS and ChannelLess™ outbound calling. Both empower service representatives to reach out to customers and easily add richer digital channels, such as chat, OnScreen voice or video, without breaking the connection.

“Our customers have been incredibly responsive to SMS, especially our QR code promotions at sporting events and service options at auto dealerships. We are excited to take our texting capabilities to the next level with Glia’s outbound capabilities, tied directly into our Digital Customer Service platform. We see a significant opportunity to get highly proactive and grow our business,” said Jeff Ward, chief technology officer for SimplyIOA. 

SMS and the ChannelLess™ Advantage

Glia’s ChannelLess architecture overcomes omnichannel limitations by fully integrating all communications channels, including SMS, onto a single platform. This enables easy transitions from one channel to another and unified administration across the entire customer engagement. 

With Glia, businesses can proactively reach out to customers and launch a seamless engagement that can start with SMS. Customers are not forced to make a phone call to continue service. The entire engagement remains digital, transitioning to chat, OnScreen voice or video for real-time support and can include CoBrowsing for OnScreen collaboration. 

Glia’s ChannelLess SMS connects customers to the same service representative who texted them through affinity routing. It also includes tools to help service reps further accelerate engagements, including AutoComplete, lightning messages and automation capabilities via AI and chatbots.

In addition to a better OnScreen experience, Glia’s seamless Digital Customer Service platform greatly improves the security of engagements. SMS messages are not encrypted, making them susceptible to data breaches and identity theft. Glia’s chat, OnScreen voice and video have end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data. 

Outbound Calling Gets Digital with ChannelLess Approach

Businesses can now proactively reach customers via telephone and bring them into a fully digital engagement with Glia’s enhanced ChannelLess calling feature. By going to a computer or mobile screen, customers can continue the engagement digitally—via chat or video—without hanging up and starting over. This is especially valuable for complex tasks where digital guidance with CoBrowsing and online collaboration is easier than talking a customer through multiple steps on the phone. 

Glia’s ChannelLess SMS and outbound calling help businesses to proactively: 

  • Accelerate application processes, such as loans, credit cards, or new account opening
  • Manage disputes and collections discreetly 
  • Promote outbound marketing offerings
  • Immediately handle alerts and notifications

“We continue to build upon our mature Digital Customer Service platform and provide new capabilities to further improve the online experience. Increasingly businesses are looking to get proactive; Glia allows organizations to initiate a conversation via SMS or even with a phone call and keep customers OnScreen for a seamless digital experience that can include secure chat, OnScreen voice and video,” said Justin DiPietro, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Glia. 

Glia’s seamless SMS and outbound calling features are available today and already in production with Glia clients. For more information and to see how Glia can help your organization, visit the SMS solution page.

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