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Unified Interaction Management

Harness the power of customer interactions to drive efficiency, growth, and loyalty
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Digital-First Voice Communication to Keep Customers Online

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Engage customers directly through OnScreen Voice in browsers and mobile apps

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Benefits of Digital-First Voice

Minimize Reauthentication

Minimize Reauthentication

Avoid Channel Switching

Avoid Channel Switching

Reduce Telephony Costs

Reduce Telephony Costs

Decrease Inbound Calls

More than 84% of phone calls are from on-screen customers. Instead of requiring customers to dial into your contact center and restart the engagement, leverage OnScreen Voice and reduce your telephony costs.

Reduce Average Handle Times

Agents benefit from Live Observation, understanding where the customer is in the online journey. Collaboration tools such as CoBrowsing enable reps to guide customers to a resolution, reducing average handle times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Minimize Reauthentication

Eliminate the need for customers to reauthenticate by keeping them online where they’re already logged in. Integrate with your CRM to provide agents with customer information and engagement history, enabling them to provide faster, superior service.

Reinvent How You Serve Your Customers

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