Become a Glia Partner

Glia is an Omnichannel customer engagement platform for the enterprise. Through its full-suite of products, Glia enables companies to provide a better customer experience by facilitating contextual conversations across a variety of communication and engagement channels. 
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Glia’s Solution Includes:


One-way and two-way video to instantly connect with your online visitors with no downloads or installations.

Voice and Chat

Text, SMS, Voice...if you can think of a way to communicate with your website visitors, we can do it!

Real-Time Analytics

Have immediate oversight of your and your team’s activities, from a high-level down to the deepest detail.

Dynamic CoBrowsing

Our-patented, dual-cursor CoBrowsing experience allows you to jointly browse and collaboratively complete calls-to-action.

Live Visitor Observation

Have you ever had that moment where you’re curious what your customers are doing on your website? This solves that!

Business Rules

Set up behavior-based triggers on your website so that your web visitors and agents connect at the right time.

Statistics & Reporting

Set up comprehensive statistics and reports, and connect those to your analytics solution, like Google Analytics or Omniture.

Operator Teams

Set up sales and servicing teams and customized routing to ensure ongoing minimization of call waiting times.

We provide our partners with three different solutions they can offer to their clients:

Visual Engagement

Provides instant visibility to phone-based agents that are speaking with digitally enabled (“on-screen”) customers.
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Assisted Channel

Supercharges a digital-centric strategy, transforming a contact center into a true engagement center.
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AI Transformation

Beyond the integration of a chatbot, Glia and its partners have a defined a four-step success methodology.
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Partner Program

Glia’s partner program is built for consulting and technology businesses. We have three types of partnerships - Referral, Reseller and OEM.


This type of partnership is built for companies who would like to refer business to Glia. In exchange, these partners receive a portion of the final sale of our product.


Resellers take Glia’s solution “as is” and resell to their clients.

OEM Embed

Glia OEM partners embed our solution into their product and resell as part of their solution.


Spend more time with the customers that matter and plug the holes that currently exist in your customer journey.
Bring best in-class products to your business
Add a new line item (“OmniBrowse Customer Engagement”) to your business’ solutions
Layer in video, voice, phone, chat CoBrowsing and much more into your product suite

Partnerships built on trust

Our partners have these things in common

Enterprise focused
Specialized focus in financial services or healthcare
Have a consulting practice or technology solution