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Secure Messaging Solution Built for Financial Services

Asynchronous messaging meets real-time interactions in banking portals

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Benefits of Secure Conversations

Increase Online Conversion

Efficient Staffing

Increase Online Conversion

Unified Messaging Platform

Exceed Customer Expectations

Consolidated Reporting

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Fall in Love with Secure Messaging Again

Learn how a secure messaging solution for financial service organizations eases the communication with logged-in customers on their digital properties.

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Engage Logged-In Customers at Any Time

Logged-in users can securely message their financial institution at all hours. When an agent is available, provide the ability to transition to a real-time interaction, reducing the back and forth and resolving customer’s inquiries more efficiently and effectively.

When engaging in live interactions, reps can leverage collaborative features like CoBrowsing, screen sharing, Live Observation, and file transfer, alongside channels such as chat, OnScreen Voice, and video.

Eliminate Communication Silos

Secure messaging has traditionally been operated as a standalone channel, resulting in a disconnected customer and agent experience. Delayed response times often drive customers to reach out by phone or other real-time channels, which can lead to duplicative work and possible conflicting messages.

Glia Secure Conversations is part of a single, unified interaction platform that creates a seamless experience for customers and employees alike.

Improve Staffing Efficiencies

Unifying secure messaging with your other digital channels eliminates the need to have a dedicated team for secure messaging. Reps no longer have to jump between platforms or do manual lookups to reconcile secure messaging interactions vs. other channels.

Financial institutions benefit from the unified administration, routing, and reporting of a ChannelLess™ interaction platform to optimize staffing.

Reinvent How You Serve Your Customers

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“With Glia we increased our conversion by over 200%”

Director of Digital - Top 10 Bank