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Harness the power of customer interactions to drive efficiency, growth, and loyalty
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Personalize Digital Customer Service for Small Business Banking

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Guide small businesses through the borrowing process online from loan origination through servicing and beyond.

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Benefits for Banking Institutions

Increase Successful Applications

Increase Successful Applications

Strengthen Small Business Relationships

Simplify Complexity and Reduce Errors

Simplify Complexity and Reduce Errors

Strengthen Small Business Relationships

Increase Successful Applications

Help small businesses achieve their financial goals and obtain credit to start, sustain, or grow their business by guiding them through the application process. Use visual context and collaboration to reduce abandonments and increase conversions.

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Glia White Paper Guided Small Business Lending in Times of Need
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Guided Small Business Lending in Times of Need

Read about Digital Customer Service for smoother end-to-end loan origination and servicing for lasting customer relationships

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Simplify Complexity and Reduce Errors

When it comes to obtaining credit to start, sustain, or grow their business, what seems like a simple process to lenders can be confusing to small business owners. Bridge gaps of understanding and facilitate simplified banking for SMBs. Adding CoBrowsing, document collaboration, and even video brings clarity and reduces errors to ensure servicing keeps moving forward smoothly.

Strengthen Small Business Relationships

Maintain seamless engagements to build relationships and trust. Glia’s single platform Digital Customer Service gives financial institutions the tools to forge and sustain deep relationships with small businesses by offering guidance through real-time, shared visual experiences. Adding two-way video communication provides a face-to-face experience when you can’t be together in a branch, to further reinforce your commitment to them.

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