Chat with Customers Through SMS

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Provide on-the-go, always-on communication for your Customers with Glia Messaging.   

SMS Messaging

Instant Engagement From a Convenient Channel

Glia enables customers to communicate with companies as easily as they communicate with friends. With a simple text message, customers can skip the phone tree and begin an instant engagement with a company representative.

Easily Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

Provide your customers with ultimate convenience when you combine SMS messaging with Glia’s AI Management chatbots. With AI Management, your customers will receive a faster, more consistent support experience and your representatives will be able to easily handle multiple engagements without a decrease in quality.

No More Hours of Operation

With SMS messaging, your customers no longer have to worry about whether you’re open. Customers can send a message whenever they’d like. If it is after hours, the customer’s message will be queued and answered as soon as a representative becomes available.

Get More From Your Marketing

SMS messaging through Glia enables marketers to drive contextual engagement directly from their advertisements and collateral. For example, if an SMS message originates from a Google AdWords Click to Message search ad, company representatives will receive a visual representation of the very ad - allowing for a more personalized support experience.

Reinvent How You Serve Your Customers

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Director of Digital - Top 10 Bank