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Make SMS Part of Your Seamless Digital Customer Service

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Don’t let SMS be part of the digital disconnect!
Make it conversational

Make it Conversational

2-Way SMS

Provide Secure Options

Provide Secure Options

SMS → Secure Chat/Voice/Video

Seamlessly Transition

Make it Seamless

1 Connected Experience

SMS is an integral part of DCS

With Glia, SMS is an integral part of Digital Customer Service (DCS) not a separate siloed channel

Engage customers through a popular channel they prefer

Let customers connect with your company as easily as they connect with friends.

open rate
(vs 20% for email)
respond within
3 minutes

Transition to richer, more secure channels

SMS is convenient, but has never been a secure channel. Protect customers and members, and provide peace of mind by easily taking them transitioning from SMS to chat, voice or video—in a secure environment with end-to-end encryption—without breaking the digital connection.
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Glia's CoBrowsing

Guide engagements to completion and drive up customer satisfaction

SMS is a great way to start the conversation. But when you can seamlessly transition from SMS to a richer channel—chat, voice or video, supported by Live Observation and CoBrowsing—you gain the context and confidence to streamline engagements and accelerate resolution to drive satisfaction and results.

SMS Use Cases with Glia Include

From Online Applications to Alerts and Notifications
Online Applications
Online Applications (Loan, Credit Card, Mortgage)
Collections and Dispute Resolutions
Collections and Dispute Resolution
Claims Processing
Claims Processing
Marketing and Sales Outreach
Marketing and Sales Outreach
Alerts and Notifications
Alerts and Notifications

Get Proactive

Outbound SMS

Create meaningful 2-way conversations

Enhance Interactive Text Alerts and Campaigns

Provide personalized 1-1 outreach with Service Rep Affinity

Be Responsive

Inbound SMS

Enable a popular, convenient way for customers to engage

Seamlessly transition them to a more secure channel

Deliver a full DCS experience from anywhere, even on the go 

Cut the Wait Time


Offer a digital option to on-hold

Reduce contact center phone congestion

Reduce friction & frustration on both sides of the conversation

Extend your 1-way SMS notifications and messaging campaigns into 2-way conversations

Engage Customers with Seamless Interactions

What can DCS-enabled SMS bring to your organization?

A Single Platform for All Customer Engagement Needs
Customer Convenience

Customer Convenience

With SMS messaging, customers can send or respond to a message whenever they’d like—even after hours.

  • Preferred Device
    90%+ have their mobile device within arm’s reach 24/7
  • Popular Channel
    61% want to text businesses for customer service
  • Always On
    Customers can respond on their own time

AI Assistance

Combine SMS messaging with Glia’s AI Management chatbots for a faster, more consistent support experience

  • Handle common questions with automated self-service
  • Triage interactions to the most appropriate representative 
  • Provide assistance during busy peak times and after-hours
  • Glia integrates with the leading AI chatbot solutions
AI Assistance
Unified Management and Reporting

Unified Management & Reporting

SMS is part of Glia’s seamless DCS platform, fully integrated within Glia’s ChannelLess™ Architecture

  • Manage SMS like any other channel as part of a unified DCS platform
  • Single source of engagement data across all touchpoints
  • Optimize operations with comprehensive reporting and business intelligence
  • Hosted SMS–Use existing phone numbers to send/receive without changing carriers

SMS Gateway

Interactive Text Alerts and Campaigns

Use SMS to enhance customer communication with proactive notifications, interactive marketing campaigns, and an alternative to the “On-Hold” wait

Learn How DCS Can Positively Impact Your Customer Service

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