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Pair traditional dial-in calls with Digital Customer Service or engage directly through OnScreen Voice in browsers and mobile apps

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How Glia Helps Companies Support Voice Interactions

Today’s consumers have more options to interact with businesses than ever before, yet voice still plays an important role in many situations. While voice is often synonymous with phone, a traditional dial-in phone call is only one way to talk to customers. Your customers talk to each other on their computers and other devices every day, so why not also offer them that same flexibility on your digital properties?

Glia provides options to talk to customers in whatever way is most convenient—on the phone or on their screens—supported by on-screen collaboration within the
Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform.

Glia Call Center

Glia Call Center extends the on-screen voice capabilities of the Glia Digital Customer Service platform to dial-in calls, enabling financial institutions to transition from legacy, phone-centric to digital-first. Glia Call Center is a complete cloud call center platform with IVR, routing, agent desktop, recording, unified reporting, and administration capabilities. Learn more about Glia Call Center.

Glia Call Center
OnScreen Voice

OnScreen Voice

OnScreen Voice enables companies to have context-rich voice conversations with customers via their device’s microphone within their on-screen journey—at the click of a button—without forcing them to dial a number for help and explain their problem from scratch. Learn more about OnScreen Voice.

Call Visualizer

Businesses looking to keep their existing voice call center platform can use Glia’s Call Visualizer to meet phone callers in their digital journeys by pairing their call with their screen in real time. As offline callers learn your online platform, they won’t need to call in the future. Try the Call Visualizer demo and experience guided phone support.


ChannelLess™ Architecture

ChannelLess Platform

Glia’s approach to supporting voice interactions eliminates the silos between phone calls and digital, allowing for effortless movement across channels within a single, ChannelLess platform. Conversations can start in any channel and seamlessly transition to another with full context. Organizations benefit from unified agent desktop, queuing, routing, administration and reporting for simplified operations and optimal efficiency.

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