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Drive conversion, slash handle times and build loyalty. Lightweight yet fully scalable.

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Benefits of CoBrowsing

Increase Online Conversion

Increase Online Conversion

Improve Next Issue Avoidance

Improve Next Issue Avoidance

Exceed Customer Expectations

Exceed Customer Expectations

What is CoBrowsing?

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Key Features of CoBrowsing

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Resolve customer issues faster

CoBrowsing provides valuable visual context and allows companies to “show” not just “tell" - leading to decreased average handle time and more satisfied customers.

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Observe customer issues in real-time

Leveraging CoBrowsing’s “Observation” mode, companies can see customer issues before the customer engagement even begins.

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Add a new dimension to inbound phone calls

Glia’s standalone CoBrowsing solution, companies can marry inbound support calls with the web browsing sessions those calls originated from.

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Plug the leaks in your online funnels

Complex transactions or lengthy forms often provide customers with numerous exit opportunities. CoBrowsing allows companies to guide customers through these drop-off points - increasing conversion significantly.

Greg Smith Former PSECU President
"CoBrowsing has been an incredible help to our members. We’ve all spoken with call centers before and know just how frustrating those interactions can be. We want to eradicate that.
Greg Smith
Former PSECU President
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This is how our CoBrowsing works

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This is how it works

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Start Conversations a Step Ahead with Live Observation

20% faster issue resolution and drastic reductions to Customer Effort Scores. Using Live Observation, view customer browsing sessions in real-time and watch the caller fill out forms or navigate through your site.
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CoBrowsing and Screensharing for Efficiency as well as Experience

Increase conversion by over 110%, enhance interactions and keep communication efficient. Dual-cursor CoBrowsing and instant screensharing facilitates collaboration with your customers on Web Forms, PDFs, Portals, Apps or any existing digital property you manage.
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Ultimate Guide to CoBrowsing

Learn how cobrowsing and visual engagement can increase online conversions and improve customer support in our newest interactive guide.

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