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WhiteGlove customer success

Customer-First for Digital-First

Our focus on customer success could only be called WhiteGlove Service

Ensuring customers succeed in providing their own excellent Digital Customer Service is in Glia’s DNA. WhiteGlove™ isn't just a brand name; it's a service philosophy that guides all client engagements from day one—through the entire relationship. Our team of caring experts help you plan, deploy and optimize your customer interaction strategies now and for the future.

What does WhiteGlove Service really mean?

Hear Clients Share How We Partner for Their Success

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Solutions built just for you

The WhiteGlove customer success team works with our clients to fully understand their business goals and objectives. This enables us to design custom solutions with measurable KPIs.

Blueprint planning
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Stakeholder Alignment

• The WhiteGlove customer success team aligns with executive leadership on business goals and KPIs

• Mutual understanding of your organization’s vision dictates remainder of planning process

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Business Goals

• Identify primary business goals to measure impact of deployment

• Common goals:
- Increased Revenue
- Decreased Costs
- Improved Customer Experience

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KPI Definition

• Define top 2 KPIs to measure
• Establish benchmarks, targets, and process for measurement

• Design implementation, including platform configuration, staffing, and engagement tactics, around these KPIs

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Seamless rollout with WhiteGlove service

You’ll never be on your own during deployment. Our WhiteGlove customer success team walks you through every step of your progression roadmap and ensures thorough training for all members of your team.

Blueprint deployment
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• Basic Installation and Configuration

• Design Customizations

• Business Logic Rules

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• Scope Technical Work for Required Integrations

- Analytics
- Telephony
- Exports

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• Virtual Training

• Live Training

• Customized Training

• Role Play & Engagement Practice

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• Production Go-Live

• Launch Day Huddles

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Ongoing success throughout our relationship

Our relationship doesn’t end after deployment. The WhiteGlove customer success team maintains a close relationship throughout your contract — ensuring that best practices are passed on and goals are being hit.

Blueprint optimization
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• Engagement Reviews

• Operator Coaching

• Usage Tracking

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Performance Reviews

• Collaborative Analytics and Reporting Reviews

• Benchmarking Against Historical Performance and Best-In-Class

• Provide Recommendations for Improvement

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KPI Tracking

• Compare Performance Against Predetermined Benchmarks

• Adjust Implementation Design Based on Impact to KPIs

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Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

• Present Performance and Adoption for Prior Quarter

• Re-Align on Business Goals for Upcoming Quarter

• Review Next Phase of  Progression Roadmap

New Customer Onboarding

Sample: 1 year

With live chat, audio, and video, Glia allows you to engage your customers on the channels of their choice - decreasing customer effort and eliminating costly channel switches

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Customer Success Team in Action

Learn About CX, Going Beyond Chat and the Future of Engaging Your Customers

Learn more about Glia and the evolution of customer experience by downloading one of our Case Studies, White Papers, eBooks, and more.

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