Posh and Glia Help Modernize Member Service for Seven More Credit Unions

Posh and Glia Help Modernize Member Service for Seven More Credit Unions

September 29, 2021

Credit unions take a digital-first approach to member service, leveraging a strategic blend of AI and humans

LACEY, Wash. and NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2021 - Posh Technologies, a Conversational AI company, and Glia, a leading provider of Digital Customer Service, are helping seven additional credit unions deliver a more frictionless, convenient member experience, creating better member service for a digital-first world. 

Langley FCU, Credit Union of Colorado, NASA FCU, Hudson Valley CU, One Nevada CU, Service CU and Interra CU have partnered with Posh and Glia to embrace Digital Member Service, leveraging a strategic combination of AI and the human touch. Posh’s chatbot will be available from the credit unions’ digital channels, responding to member inquiries, and when more complex inquiries occur, seamlessly transitioning the interaction to a representative through Glia’s live chat. This eliminates the need for members to ever reauthenticate, provide context or leave the digital channel, boosting speed and efficiencies all around.

“The easy integration between Glia and Posh allows us to coordinate the interactions our members have with the natural language bot and transfer to a seamless co-browsing agent experience when their needs require a personal touch,” says Kelly Wagner-Grull, Director of Innovation and Member Experience at CU of Colorado.

“Leveraging AI to boost efficiencies is a significant value within Digital Member Service,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of Glia. “However, such technology must complement, not replace, personal connections within the digital domain. Alongside Posh, we’re providing these seven credit unions with the ability to accomplish both, meeting members where they are with quick and convenient yet meaningful interactions that build loyalty and strengthen relationships.”

“It’s exciting to see so many credit unions recognizing the necessity and value of Conversational AI. We love being at the forefront of this digital transformation alongside Glia, who we’re now partnering with across many deployments,” says Karan Kashyap, co-founder and CEO of Posh. "Between automated chatbots and live agents, credit union members are embarking on their best banking experiences yet.”

About Posh

Posh Technologies is a Conversational AI company that helps credit unions and banks automate their contact center work, saving and making financial institutions money while fostering the most enjoyable and efficient banking experience for users. Posh’s product suite consists of three intelligent bots: (1) Website Chatbot that answers FAQs and generates sales leads (2) Online Banking and Mobile Bot that answers questions, executes transactions, acts as personalized financial managers and markets products (3) Phone Bots that operate through verbal command rather than touchpads to authenticate callers, answer questions, execute transactions and contextually route to reps when needed, Posh has grown to 30+ customers across 60+ product deployments since spinning out of MITs AI Lab in 2018. Visit posh.tech to learn more. 

About Glia

Glia is reinventing how businesses support their customers in a digital world. Glia's solution enriches web and mobile experiences with digital communication choices, on-screen collaboration and AI-enabled assistance. Glia has partnered with more than 200 banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions across the globe to improve top and bottom-line results through Digital Customer Service. The company has won numerous awards for its innovation - most recently recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for 2020, and raised over $100 million in funding from top investors. Visit glia.com to learn more.

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