Finn AI Debuts Chatbot Built for Glia’s Financial Institution Clients

Finn AI Debuts Chatbot Built for Glia’s Financial Institution Clients

November 30, 2020

Finn AI, the world’s leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider, and Glia, a leading provider of Digital Customer Service technology, today announced the launch of Finn AI for Glia, an out-of-the-box banking chatbot has been integrated into Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform, helping financial institutions improve the customer and member experience, boost efficiencies and reduce response times.

“The pandemic has disrupted the way financial institutions have traditionally served their customers and members; with fewer people visiting the branch, banks and credit unions today face heightened demand and need for a digital-first approach to customer service and guidance, ” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder  of Glia. “This partnership with Finn AI directly supports our dedication to enabling modern and comprehensive digital customer service to businesses across the globe. By providing automated support through chatbots, our financial institution clients can more efficiently and effectively help customers and members resolve issues and overcome roadblocks, ultimately saving time and improving customer retention and loyalty.”

The Finn AI for Glia Banking Chatbot is available inside Glia’s AI Management Platform. It is pre-trained to understand and handle over five hundred common banking queries and tasks out of the box, providing a fast to deploy, low risk and high impact digital self-service experience. Using the AI chatbot, financial institutions can deliver instant service for most routine transactions and queries 24/7, using a natural language conversation preferred by many customers and members.    

“Banks and credit unions currently leveraging Glia’s platform have a chatbot solution built specifically for their environment and customer service mission,” said Jake Tyler, co-founder and CEO of Finn AI. “They can avoid the costs, long training and development required with general AI platforms and quickly deploy an AI chatbot to handle the uptick in call volume and chat traffic resulting  from customers and members moving to remote and digital banking.”

Purpose-built for banking call centers, the solution fits seamlessly as a virtual Glia service agent with no integration required, while offering automated service for bank and credit union clients. It reduces load and wait times for live call centers and improves the overall  experience for financial institutions leveraging Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform. Glia enables enterprises to use multiple chatbot engines, depending on the use case, preventing vendor lock-in. It also takes advantage of Glia features such as “Bot to Human” and “Bot to Bot” transfers. If escalation to a live agent is required, Glia’s technology allows for all details to be seamlessly transferred from bot to human.  

About Finn AI

Founded in 2014, Finn AI is the leading AI-powered chatbot platform for banks and credit unions, working with top financial institutions including one of the largest US card networks, a top 10 US retail bank, ATB Financial, Banpro Grupo Promerica, Fidor Bank, KOHO, TymeBank and more. Banks and credit unions use the award-winning Finn AI chatbot to transform and deepen customer engagement, while delivering the operational efficiencies and cost savings of conversational AI. For more information visit

About Glia

Glia is reinventing how businesses support their customers in a digital world. Glia’s solution enriches web and mobile experiences with digital communication choices, on-screen collaboration and AI-enabled assistance. Glia has partnered with more than 100 financial institutions, insurance companies and fintech providers across the globe to improve top and bottom-line results through Digital Customer Service. The company has won numerous awards for its innovation – most recently recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for 2020. Visit to learn more.

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