Video Banking and Beyond

Video Banking enables personalized and expert service at a distance and is a powerful component of a comprehensive digital customer service strategy

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Why Video Banking?

Provide the Next Best Thing to In-Person Service

People still like the reassurance of face-to-face interactions with their chosen community banks or credit unions when it comes to matters of finance. However, in-person interactions are not always possible or practical because of incompatible schedules, lack of transportation, specialist availability, or (most recently) social distancing.

That doesn’t mean you can't provide the benefits of face-to-face assistance from a smiling, knowledgable representative anyway.

Whether consumers are sitting in a branch talking to an on-screen remote specialist, or are across town video-chatting on their PCs or phones, one- or two-way Video Banking enables repreentatives in a branch, call center, or home office to serve them at home, work, or on-the-go as if everybody was in the same room.

Seeing each other during a remote interaction promotes trust and confidence for consumers, and helps reps gauge customer comprehension, emotional state, and satisfaction!

Reasons to Include Video Banking in Your Service Operations

Build relationships

Build Relationships

People like in-person assistance when it comes to finances. Video builds long-term customer rapport.

Instill Trust

Instill Trust

A smiling face can put consumers at ease and help them feel more comfortable during a transaction.



Provide a friendly, branch-like experience wherever it's needed — at home, work, or on-the-go.



Video combined with on-screen collaboration removes ambiguity as if being in the same room.

Expert Availability

Expert Availability

Online or in-branch, connect consumers with the right remote specialists to achieve their financial goals.

Shared Resources

Shared Resources

Let your experts provide face-to-face help across multiple branches and your online communities.

Why DCS and Video Banking

Next-Generation Video Banking applies a full suite of Digital Customer Service technologies to remote banking to deliver unparalleled experiences for customers and the agents and bankers serving them. Serving customers in their moment of need using video chat and/or the channels they prefer contributes to customer loyalty you can take to the bank.

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Video Banking - The Next Generation

Learn how Digital Customer Service takes Video Banking to the next level.


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