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Give customer service representatives a single pane of glass for all of their applications, including intelligent screen pop of relevant data via automatic look-ups. Your agents and customers will thank you!

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Benefits of Glia Applets

Access all agent applications from one unified interface

Screen pop the information agents need, when they need it

Do away with copy and paste madness and Post-it notes

Why Applets?

Ubiquitous Visitor Information
Ubiquitous Visitor Information

Glia’s secure digital-first communications platform seamlessly shares all visit-related information between every point in an interaction with intelligent screen pops, so visitors never have to repeat themselves. Applets enable third-party applications to utilize the same information within a single unified interface.

Application Switching Wastes Time and Money
Application Switching Wastes Time and Money

Research from analysts like Aberdeen shows the average contact center agent switches between three to five applications during an interaction. That wastes up to 26% of their time which adds up to lower productivity, higher costs and less satisfying interactions for customers.

Adding New Applets is Easy
Adding New Applets is Easy

Glia enables simple integration of third-party applications into the Operator interface via an easy-to-use SDK. Since Applets use standard web development languages like JavaScript and HTML, beyond securely sharing data between Glia and your applications, you can implement any other necessary logic to satisfy your needs.

Customized Views to Fit Agent Styles
Customized Views to Fit Agent Styles

Glia provides a single, unified desktop view of agent applications in a tabbed interface, but also provides different display modes to accommodate representatives' styles and workspace. Tabs can be expanded, minimized to simplify co-browsing, or popped out and moved around as needed. Agents’ view preferences persist across sessions.

SMS Proactive Alerts

Quick Access to Applications and Information

When operators engage with customers, they need information that is managed in other applications like CRMs and proprietary software. Instead of manually opening these applications and then searching for relevant pieces of information, Glia applets do this automatically for the operator. Each Applet runs within the Glia Hub and allows data to be exchanged with any external applications and presented to CSRs in a clean unified manner, when they need it, right at their fingertips.

Make Life Easier For Reps ... and Customers

A customer service representative (CSR) that doesn’t have to waste countless time constantly jumping between programs to copy and paste information, and/or transcribing sticky notes, is generally happier and more effective. Glia Applets' unified interface eliminates those issues and improves accuracy so CSRs can focus on the client, instead of their desktop, which translates to happier customers too.
Make Life Easier For Reps [and Customers]
Interoperability is at the Heart of Glia

Interoperability is at the Heart of Glia

Glia was born out of a desire to bring world-class in-person customer experiences to all interactions. Every part of the Glia platform is part of a seamless whole. Applets are one way of extending that philosophy to integrate your business applications into the Operator interface. Similarly, you can harmoniously integrate and embed Glia into your own customer-facing web and mobile apps.

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