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Location-Independent Digital Customer Service Technology Enables Agents to Work From Anywhere - Even Home

Why Home Agents and Why Now?

A remote agent strategy make sense everyday as well as for service continuity

The concept of home agents is not new, but it's been gaining a lot of attention lately for good reasons. Whether part of your day-to-day customer service operations or for emergency business continuity situations, the capability to easily and rapidly deploy agents in a work-from-home environment should be part of your strategy.

Even if you've previously dismissed a remote agent model, as many converts did before 2020, maybe it's time to look again. You’ll find many benefits beyond the obvious, and it's easier than you think to ensure you never leave your customers hanging.

Reasons to Include Home Agents in Your Service Operations

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Effectively service customers in any channel, from anywhere, without disruption.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Rapid deployment, no specialized hardware, and intuitive user interfaces show quick time-to-value.



Quickly scale home agents for everyday interactions or planned and unexpected service spikes.

Broader Access to Talent

Broader Access to Talent

Attract the best customer service employees regardless of geography.

Agent Retention

Agent Retention

Give your reps another reason to stay on your team, and spend less time recruiting and training.

Cost Containment

Cost Containment

Control the hard and soft costs of acquiring, administering, and enabling service staff.

Home Agents and Service Continuity
Client Perspectives

Old and new clients share their stories of rapid home agent deployment during social distancing
Infographics Video Chat Study
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Glia Client Experience: Experian Insurance Services

Infographics Video Chat Study
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Glia Client Experience: Umpqua Bank

Virtual Customer Service

Glia's secure and scalable, customer service solution supports interactions from home—or any remote location—without the need for special equipment or VPN connections

Glia's cloud-based Digital Customer Service platform enables enterprises to situate representatives in office, branches, call centers, or their home living room—with the same capabilities regardless of location—as part of a large virtual contact center that answers the two important questions:

1 - How to ensure agents can work from anywhere effectively?

2 - How to provide the best support for customers in the digital world?

Glia virtual customer service

Enabling Home Agents Is Easier Than You Think

On one day’s notice, a Glia client supporting 2,000 Financial Advisors enabled everyone to work from home.

In 24 hours, a new Glia banking client was able to get a digital-first call center up and running from scratch.

In less than 48 hours, a $4B Insurer empowered 250 service center agents to work from home without interruption by forwarding calls from their on-premise phone system to Glia, enabling all agents to fully serve customers via Phone, Chat, Digital Voice and Video, plus CoBrowsing.

Home Agents: How it’s Done

Glia login page

Glia agents log into the secure operator dashboard via their internet browser - the same way at home, in a branch or in a contact center.

Agents desktop, mobile, phone

Agents can use their computer, mobile or home phone to speak with customers.

AI-Enabled conversations

Regardless of agent location, AI-enabled conversational bots and virtual operator assistants can keep interactions on target for successful and satisfying outcomes.

Glia reroute existing IVR

In an emergency, even existing, inflexible, hard-wired phone systems can quickly reroute IVR selections to the Glia platform and send calls to Glia-enabled agents anywhere.

No need to leave customers hanging.
Add a “Contact us” button on your site with a single line of code, or reroute existing phone systems to Glia-enabled home agents.
Glia contact us button
Webinar enabling customer service in today's work from home environment

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