Glia is Fully Committed to
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI is Integral to our Corporate Fabric

Our core values create a common thread that brings us together and guides how we interact with our team members, customers, prospects, partners and industry colleagues.

We see Glia’s diversity as a corporate strength and strive to continuously foster a culture of equity and inclusion.

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Glia embraces all voices

Glia embraces voices of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities and from all communities including but not limited to Asian and Asian Pacific Islander, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Differently-Abled (including Neurodiversity), LatinX, LGBTQ+, Women, and Veterans.

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"As a minority woman entering a male dominated industry, I was seeking a company where different attitudes, opinions, and backgrounds are not only involved but embraced. It was important for me to see that each and every person has access to the same opportunities."


Senior Strategic Customer Success Manager

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"Glia's commitment to DEI absolutely impacted my decision to join. I could sense in the interview process that the company was looking for people with different backgrounds, experiences, and working styles rather than trying to fill a team of people that all fit a particular mold"


Customer Success Manager

DEI Commitee

Our executive-sponsored DEI Committee meets regularly to actively promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive company that is free from all forms of discrimination.

The DEI Committee hosts company-wide talks and educational sessions around issues and topics of importance. These events are done with the full support of our leadership and include input from across the entire company. They are designed to be cultural touch points throughout Glia to grow a healthy and transparent culture.

DEI Commitee gathering

"At Glia, we celebrate the diverse community of the different individuals that we have the pleasure to work with daily. As a diverse employer, we make sure that all of us are becoming better people and are exposed to new ideas and perspectives"

Parag Rajpal

SVP of Finance and Sales Opps / Executive sponsor

DEI in Action

The DEI Committee plays an active role in reviewing and providing guidance for company policies as well as creating new initiatives. This includes:
Employee Handbook icon

Employee Handbook

Hiring Policy icon

Hiring Policy and Procedures

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DEI Bookclub

Inclusive Language Policies Icon

Inclusive Language Policies

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Non-Discrimination Policy and Procedures

Sexual Misconduct Policy icon

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Avoid Threatening icon

Avoiding Threatening and Intimidating Conduct

Cultural Sensitivity Workshops icon

Cultural Sensitivity Workshops

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Career Growth Procedures