Over 84% of your phone calls are from “On-Screen” customers

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Companies that pair phone calls with Live Observation and CoBrowsing reduce call times by more than 20% and increase call conversion by 2x.

Phone as Part of an Overall Digital Customer Service Strategy

As financial institutions look to shift their channel mix to align to today’s digital-first world, bringing dial-in phone calls under the Digital Customer Service (DCS) umbrella is a key step to being a digital-first organization.

Glia lets you add valuable context to traditional phone calls by visually connecting to the customer’s on-screen journey. By pairing on screen collaboration with your phone calls:
You will shorten handle time dramatically
Improve customer satisfaction
Reduce future calls by educating customers on how they can self-serve digitally.
Adding Glia’s CoBrowsing capabilities to legacy phone systems is a step in the right direction, but making your call center part of a holistic DCS platform simplifies contact center operations, enhances efficiency, and elevates satisfaction.

Glia Call Center—built exclusively for financial institutions—fully bridges the gap between phone and digital customer service, bringing all interactions into a single, world-class digital platform for seamless connections.

This is how it works

Standard phonecallGlia powered Phone call

This is how it works

Visitor chat bubbleOperator chat bubble
Visitor chat bubble
Visitor chat bubble
Standard phone call

Standard Phone Call

Visitor chat bubbleOperator chat bubbleOperator chat bubbleVisitor chat bubbleOperator chat bubbleVisitor chat bubbleOperator chat bubble
Glia powered phone call

Glia-Powered Phone Call

Operator chat bubbleOperator chat bubbleOperator chat bubble

Standard Phone Call

Glia-Powered Phone Call


Increase Conversion
Increase to Website Conversion
Decrease AHT
Decrease to Average Handle Time
Increase NPS
Increase to Net Promoter Score

Glia’s Phone-Centric Solution Offers:


Identify a caller’s live browsing session instantly using their unique ID. 

Live Observation

Exceed customer expectations by leveraging context and providing a more human online customer experience.


Offer dual-cursor guided browsing to any caller and show instead of tell.

Enhanced Engagement

Layer in Video Chat or Screen Sharing during any call to further build rapport with callers.

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