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The Only Gen AI Safe Enough for Financial Institutions

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Glia is the proven partner in AI for FI—a turnkey solution with built-in guardrails, guidelines, data security, and transparency.

Virtual Assistants, Humans in the Loop, and Knowledge Management

Glia utilizes Gen AI differently, minimizing risk and ensuring that humans always have the final word.

AI Efficiency Meets Human Responsibility

Responsible AI balances advanced automation with human oversight to ensure that bots only say what you want them to say.

On Any Channel, At Any Time

Glia’s AI works with your digital channels and your dial-in phone, creating efficiency for customers, representatives, and managers.

Results You Can Bank On

A proven, off-the-shelf ROI booster that quickly works to lower average handle/wait times, increase conversions, and improve CSAT.

The Leading Financial Institution AI

Trusted by over 500 financial institutions, Glia provides AI solutions that are proven to deliver key results fast.
SSSCU utilized a conversational AI chatbot to lower average wait times 59% and save an estimated $41,600 per month.
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A Texas-based community bank used virtual banking assistants to save 4,600 staff hours a year, and contain 61% of interactions without needing to reach out to a human representative.
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AI That Helps, Without the Hype

Our AI delivers on its promises with proven technology guaranteed to drive key results.
Financial-Grade Gen AI
Built on Glia’s secure infrastructure, our AI meets all the security needs of the financial industry.
Pre-Built for Banking
AI that is pre-integrated into major OLBs and Core Banking Solutions, ensuring quick times to adopt.
Empower Customers
Turnkey AI Assistants automate customer interactions, trained on over 800 retail banking queries and containing 65% of interactions without a human agent needed.
Save Staff Time
Agent AI tools that save valuable staff time by automating repetitive tasks, reducing AHT by up to 10%.
Unlock Powerful Insights
Manager AI that provides insights and streamlines reporting to help frontline teams perform their best.

Transform Customer Interactions with Responsible AI

Give your customers and representatives the convenience of AI, with the compliance needs of the financial industry.
Reduce costs through employee efficiency
Speed up onboarding and training costs
Improve the customer experience

Start Anywhere, Succeed Everywhere

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