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Interactive Text Alerts and Campaigns

Use SMS to enhance customer communication with proactive notifications, interactive marketing campaigns, and an alternative to the “On-Hold” wait

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Benefits of the SMS Gateway

Quickly Reach Customers in the palm of their hand

Provide Timely Information and Offers

Reduce the Friction of Engagement

Why Add Outbound SMS?

SMS is fast and everywhere
SMS is Fast and Everywhere

SMS is fast, efficient, and ubiquitous. Most consumers have access to a mobile device with text messaging. For many (like a majority of millennials) texting is the communication channel of choice. So why not interact with your customers where they are most comfortable?

Texts Get Noticed
Texts Get Noticed

Inbound SMS is a must today, but if you're not using outbound SMS in your customer support, loyalty and promotional efforts you're missing out. Recent statistics show that 98% of texts are opened and 90% are acted upon within three minutes. Imagine what that could mean for how you reach your customers and prospects.

A World of possibilities
A World of Possibilities

Integrate outbound SMS text alerts with your business applications and marketing technology to power everything from proactive text alerts for security and account-related events to interactive contextual offers on a scheduled or triggered basis.

SMS Gateway new level of communication
So Much More Than Just Texting

Glia's SMS Gateway enables you to achieve a new level of customer communications. Reach your customers in the palm of their hands and delight them with interactive engagements. Provide them the opportunity to seamlessly switch to even richer media such as voice or video with cobrowsing with just one tap.

Improve customer communications with SMS.

Turn Outbound SMS into Two-Way Conversations

SMS Proactive Alerts

Ensure the “Important Stuff” is Noticed via Proactive Alerts

You can’t count on customers seeing an email or answering a call, but they do read and interact with texts. Send outbound SMS notifications on a scheduled basis (like a pending renewal) or by a triggered event such as unusual account activity. Clients can respond to text alerts when it's most convenient and interact with a chatbot powered by Glia's AI Management, or with one of your operators to quickly process transactions or resolve issues.

Energize Your Marketing Campaigns with SMS

Prospects and customers often shy away from unsolicited calls. Intrusive forms that are acted upon AFTER the visitor has forgotten you aren’t any better. These channels can limit your campaign effectiveness. Sending a promotional text to a valued customer, or inviting pay-per-click prospects to text you while the offer is still relevant, can make the difference between mediocrity and success.
Energize Your Marketing Campaigns with SMS
Alternative to please hold

Give Callers a Better Alternative to “Please Hold”

Nobody likes being stuck waiting to speak to a representative, but callbacks aren't always a practical solution. Phone-to-Text allows you to reduce friction and enhance the customer experience by giving callers the choice to opt-out in the IVR and seamlessly switch to SMS. Engagement can be automated by an intelligent Virtual Assistant or handled by your operators for the customized experience your clients desire.

Gateway to a Seamless Digital First Experience

Like every interaction within the Glia Digital First platform, your end-users can seamlessly switch from SMS to other channels like voice, video chat, and co-browsing without losing connection or context. Plus all interactions are securely tracked in the interaction database to ensure quality control and compliance.
Gateway to a Seamless Digital First Experience

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