What Is Unified Interaction Management?

One platform, all interactions, unlimited ROI

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Reduce cost through AI, boost revenue with the human touch, and remove the barriers with Unified Interaction Management (UIM).

The ChannelLess Platform

Go beyond the limits of the dated contact center model with fundamentally different architecture.

Beyond Omnichannel

Meet your customers everywhere they are–chat, voice, video and web
ChannelLess™ architecture means every channel is designed to work together
Glide across channels with no loss of context and without data silos
Leverage AI layered into every interaction

Flexible, Purpose-built for Financial Institutions (FIs)

Pre-integrated with your existing systems, including online and mobile banking systems as well as web portals
Speed up authentication and instantly share data throughout your systems
Innovate with responsible AI, purpose-built for over 800 common FI tasks
Stay compliant and secure with a platform built specifically for financial services

More Value vs. More Licenses

Experience pricing and packaging that rewards your efficiency and doesn’t nickel and dime you
Launch in weeks, not months with industry-leading implementation
Stay ahead with our award-winning WhiteGlove Service
Add channels easily, where everything you need comes from a single vendor

Unified Interaction Management
Drives Big Results

conversion rate
decrease AWT and AHT
increase in CSAT

500+ Financial Institutions Trust Glia

Glia has world-class NPS and you will too! Your customers can like you as much as they like next-day delivery.

UIM: Everyone Wins

Reduce cost and increase revenue by managing all customer, member, and policyholder interactions seamlessly.


Balance speed and effectiveness without compromise. Guide customers to the right level of human interaction and AI automation.

Improve CX


Representatives have more power than ever with one-click access to video and screen sharing.

Empower Reps


ChannelLess architecture means reports are not siloed. Design your interaction strategy with a full picture.

ChannelLess Architecture

Seamless Interactions, Beyond Omnichannel