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Driving P&C Insurance Sales with Customer Experience

5.1%: The online conversion rate for insurance is around 5.1%. Digital engagement solutions can significantly affect this statistic; imagine the impact of increasing this to 20%.
75%: The average abandonment rate for online sales processes for insurers is around 75%. What if you could increase form completions by 10-20%?

The landscape of Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance is dramatically shifting. Customer relationships are changing lanes from agents and brokers to direct sales. Driven by the convenience of online shopping, insurance companies are now expected to service customers online 24/7.  
So how can you make sure that your sales engines and operators are primed to win the race?

Assess the mechanics of your sales engine.

To increase digital success, identify high value prospects and engage proactively: Invite visitors in high value engagements like home insurance to engage proactively. Ensure your customer service reps can shift gears seamlessly - chat to voice to video. Reach out to customers when they pause too long in high abandonment areas and get them to their final destination

Navigate to Sales Success

60-70% of customers expect a Live Chat function on a web site. And 80% of smartphone users expect it on a mobile site. Digital engagement with customers when completing a form can result in 2x to 4x the number of completed applications.

Get to your Destination with Digital Engagement

Your numbers will soar with a strong Digital Customer Service program in place: CoBrowsing and digital voice are generally 20% faster than trying to achieve the same thing via telephone alone. Applications can be completed faster and more accurately with the CSR using chat and voice to gather data or help complete the application.CSAT scores for digital engagements are typically 15% - 20% higher than dtrational phone engagements (with many organizations claiming almost perfect CSAT scores).

Accelerate Digital Success with the Right Road Crew

The Glia WhiteGlove™ Service team will help you maximize your digital customer service engine: Regularly reviewing your key performance metrics & recommend best practice changes. Fine tune the way your CSR's engage for maximum results. Maximize team utilization for full digital sales acceleration.

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