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On behalf of everyone at Glia and Intelliflo, we are extremely excited to be working with you!

Glia’s vision is to recreate the in-person customer experience online. The same way you can meet your clients face to face, you can now have that same experience on your PFP site with video, audio, text and dual-cursor CoBrowsing. The primary use-cases for Glia are:

• Onboarding clients to PFP 
 Walk your clients through the factfinder process and drive adoption of your new PFP implementation
• Alternative to in-person meetings
Save time and money by hosting video conferences in PFP where all of the client’s information is stored
• Ad-hoc support
Be available for your clients when they need you, even if it’s a quick chat over their lunch break

Glia allows you to accomplish all of this in a manner that is flexible, secure, and allows you to maintain control of the conversation.

• Flexibility: Whether it be a prospecting meet, onboarding new clients by inputting data into IO, or simply checking in with your existing clients, Glia provides you the flexibility of meeting your clients online.
• Security: Glia is a completely secure environment for you and your clients to meet online and compliant with new regulations, storing all of the chat and audio logs directly in Intelligent Office!
• Control: Glia also provides you better control over the conversation. Rather than sending a PDF or excel spreadsheet and being unsure of what exactly the customer is looking at, you and your customer can CoBrowse directly, giving you the control and context over the online conversation that you have in-person.

After watching these video introductions, you will have a good understanding of not only how Glia works, but how you can grow your digital adviser footprint!

1) Client Experience

In the following video, see what using Glia will be like from the perspective of your customer and see what it’s like to use video, voice, chat and CoBrowsing!

2) Adviser Experience - Reactive

In the following video, see how to launch Glia, locate your customer and how to answer an incoming engagement (reactive engagement)

3) Adviser Experience - Proactive

In the following video, see how to reach out directly to your client directly (proactive engagement)

4) Personalizing Glia

Find out how to personalize Glia in this video!


What is the browser compatibility?

The Glia platform will automatically sense and adjust its capabilities based on the device and browser used by each visitor. For operators Glia is available on Chrome. For visitors Glia is available on:

• Chrome:past 5 versions supported for chat, phone, video and audio.
• Firefox:past 5 versions supported for chat, phone, video and audio.
• Safari: past 3 versions supported for phone and chat.
• IE: 11+ supported for phone and chat

• iOS: CoBrowsing and chat is available on Safari 7.15 and Chrome (last 10 versions)
• Android:CoBrowsing and chat is available on Chrome (last 10 versions)

How many Glia licenses do I get?

Glia will be free to all new Intelliflo Office license holders

What kind of mobile capability do I have?

In order to login to the Glia Adviser Console, you must login from Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office on a desktop/laptop computer using Google Chrome. The visitor, on the other hand, can go to PFP on any browser and even from a mobile device.
If you would like more information on our mobile compatibility, please visit: Browser-Compatibility-Site

What if there is a question here that is not answered?

a. See our support documentation:

b. Write us a message by clicking on the

button in the bottom of the application

How to I access the recordings of my conversations through Glia?

a. Within the Glia app, select the menu on the top left, then select logs. Upon opening a specific engagement, you can click on the chat icon (to view the chat logs) or the audio icon (to listen to a recording)
b. Locate a client record within Intelligent Office. Within the list of Open Activities you'll see Activity Type: "Correspond with client". After opening the activity record you'll see notes at the bottom with links to the Engagement Audio and Chat Transcript.

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