DATCU Enhances Member Experiences Online with Digital Customer Service

Rapid DCS Deployment Delivers Quick Results to Improve Member Services

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Provide digital-first service to improve member experiences
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Rapid DCS deployment allowed DATCU to stay connected with members during an unexpected phone outage
DATCU quickly trained the support team to offer digital-first services to support its new online banking services
OnScreen voice streamlines complex engagements, such as loan origination and provides a more personal touch
DATCU provides digital guidance to members reluctant to start online with Call Visualizer



Increase in digital engagements in 6 months


CSAT Perfect customer satisfaction score with CoBrowsing


Deployed weeks ahead of schedule
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Over $1.5B assets under management
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105,000+ members
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DATCU Enhances Member Experiences Online with Digital Customer Service

DATCU Puts Members’ Best Interests First

Founded in the 1930s by a group of 13 educators in Denton County, Texas, DATCU has always put people over profits. This guiding principle has allowed the credit union to steadily grow, serving more than 105,000 members today across 11 counties with over $1.5B in assets under management. 

DATCU attributes its success to a steadfast commitment to outstanding member services. Increasingly, that includes new technologies that enhance the member experience online as more people embrace a digital lifestyle. The credit union was reviewing digital-first service solutions when the pandemic hit, accelerating its decision. DATCU selected the Glia Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform to not only meet members online, but also guide them through the entire digital engagement. The ability to seamlessly transition members from chat to other channels, such as OnScreen voice, provides an online experience that doesn’t break the digital connection and meets DATCU’s high service standards.

Rapid Implementation Accelerates DCS for DATCU Members

DATCU experienced an unexpected phone outage less than two weeks from the planned DCS launch, DATCU turned to Glia for help. Partnering with the DATCU member service and IT teams, Glia quickly mobilized with a rapid deployment plan. In addition to its ease-of-use, the DCS platform is optimized for simple, straightforward implementations on nearly any digital property.

By quickly implementing digital chat and OnScreen voice options for members, the expedited DATCU DCS launch was completed in less than six weeks. This allowed members to connect online and get the full range of DATCU services, even while phone lines were unavailable.

Training the member service team on the DCS platform was quick and easy. Most DATCU representatives were up and running within five minutes, including a number of reps who’d never supported chat before. Beyond quick and easy onboarding, the solution includes helpful features, such as Auto Complete and lightning messages, that improve efficiency so reps can respond quickly and remain focused on delivering the exceptional member service that DATCU is known for.

DATCU Developing Credit Union of the Future with DCS

The addition of Digital Customer Service has been well received by members, as evidenced by a steady rise in digital engagements, including a 55% increase over a six month period. From a digital perspective, DATCU members fall into three camps. About a third are digital-first, strongly preferring online tech solutions. Another third are open to try digital features, even if it isn’t their first approach. The remaining third are hesitant and generally shy away from digital services. This is top of mind as the DATCU team develops future solutions.

“As part of our mission to deliver outstanding member service, we are constantly evaluating new ways to deliver beneficial features that enhance the digital experience. We work closely with Glia to find new efficiencies and leverage best practices. This is all part of our long-term goal to develop the credit union of the future to better serve our members,” said Melanie Robinson, AVP of Operations at DATCU Credit Union.

CoBrowsing has been especially helpful in guiding those less tech-savvy members to valuable online resources. Dual-cursor CoBrowsing allows a rep to virtually share the screen, highlight areas of interest, and even help to securely fill out forms, such as a loan application. Earning a perfect customer satisfaction score of five among members taking the survey, DATCU realized how useful this feature was. The challenge was to extend CoBrowsing to members calling in via phone with questions about online services.

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With Glia’s Call Visualizer, members on the phone can also benefit from online collaboration through CoBrowsing. More than 80% of callers are at or near a digital screen. DATCU callers can remain on the line for audio and CoBrowse with visual online guidance to check a balance, look up mortgage rates, or launch a loan application, for example. Call Visualizer is helping a growing number of members overcome a reluctance to use digital services, further driving up DCS usage.

DATCU’s member service team continues to take the digital leap too. For instance, a newer contact center rep trying to help a caller find information online was at an impasse. As she put the member on hold, the contact center manager quickly trained the rep to use Call Visualizer and CoBrowsing. After a very brief pause, the rep came back and guided the member online using digital collaboration tools.

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