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Listerhill Credit Union Boosts Mortgage Sales with Digital-First Service

Puts members first with Digital Customer Service

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Glia’s DCS platform provided Listerhill’s mortgage team with effective tools to manage member inquiries and decrease in-branch activity for greater efficiency.
Listerhill has converted more online applications with its proactive sales approach, increasing mortgage lending by $2M year to date with a 12% conversion rate (compared to a 3% average rate for the industry*)
Using DCS to teach and guide members through their digital banking site, Listerhill expanded adoption of its self-service options while receiving customer satisfaction scores of 4.75/5.





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Additional Mortgage Sales through DCS
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Listerhill Credit Union Boosts Mortgage Sales with Digital-First Service

Listerhill Elevates Exceptional Member Service

What started in 1952 as a simple credit union for aluminum plant workers in Northern Alabama has grown into a trusted financial partner for more than 92,000 members across five states today. Over the years, Listerhill Credit Union has adapted to new technologies to maintain positive experiences that help its members thrive.

Leaning into its core values to exceed expectations and proactively seek improvement, Listerhill began exploring convenient digital options for member service. High increases in call volumes during the pandemic accelerated Listerhill’s move to digital-first capabilities to offer online service options.

In addition to digital channels, such as chat or on-screen voice, the credit union sought online collaboration tools that could help guide members through complex processes, such as applying for a mortgage. Furthermore, Listerhill wanted a digital solution that was easy and straightforward, enabling a seamless member experience. While the team knew that digital options would appeal to its younger demographic, it was important to remain approachable and simple for members less comfortable with digital technologies.

“We have some members who are tech savvy and prefer digital self-service options,” said Dustin Holland, Digital Strategist with Listerhill. “Others are less comfortable with online banking, which puts more pressure on a digital experience that is approachable. Given our deep commitment to serve our members, this became our top priority. We looked for solutions that would closely align to our friendly in-branch experience,” said Holland.

After evaluating several platforms, Glia stood out based on its ability to deliver seamless member experiences that included effective online guidance features. Listerhill deployed Glia’s Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform in 2021, offering online options for members. Rather than waiting in a phone queue, members are now able to simply chat and even click a button to speak directly with a representative online with Glia’s OnScreen voice feature.

Glia’s strong online collaboration features, including Live Observation to understand what members are seeing online combined with CoBrowsing to guide them through complex tasks, were an important factor in the decision. Listerhill wanted to simplify the mortgage and lending process online, from the research and origination phases through to closing.

Digital-First Means Putting Members First

Listerhill prides itself on its high-touch service and strong member relationships. The credit union insisted that online service should mirror its in-branch experience, allowing members to feel connected as a part of the Listerhill community. That began with the ‘concierge’ approach of greeting members and guiding them to the most appropriate contact. Just as a host is available at each branch, a live Listerhill representative is available with a simple click on the homepage, ready to direct members to the best resources to help them, such as a loan officer or a mortgage specialist.

In addition to providing a personalized member experience online, Listerhill’s digital service provides efficiency by connecting members quickly to representatives that can help them. This triage strategy saves members time and avoids confusion in navigating the website. In addition to directing members to the most useful resource, Listerhill’s support team can visually see signs that a visitor needs more guidance and can provide proactive assistance. While some within the service team were skeptical at first, they’ve seen firsthand how members have embraced online self-service options, knowing that live Listerhill reps are readily available to help them. Even as the pandemic has subsided, digital engagements have continued to increase for the credit union.

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Proactive Online Sales Approach for Mortgages

Beyond member support, Listerhill has leveraged the online collaboration feature to drive new sales. Fueled by strong regional growth, Listerhill has experienced steady demand for mortgage lending, even through uncertain economic times. With digital-first service and its ability to guide members to complete mortgage applications online, Listerhill saw an opportunity for more growth.

Using Live Observation, a dedicated mortgage specialist can understand when to approach a member online. The mortgage rep can discuss current rates, the various products Listerhill offers and help members understand if they qualify for a particular mortgage. Automated business rules within the Glia platform further help Listerhill’s team understand when to proactively engage and offer more support in an efficient manner. This direct approach added an additional $2 million in mortgage sales in the first year with an impressive 12% conversion rate. According to consumer credit analytics firm Experian, the industry average is 3%.

“By seeing who is actively reviewing mortgage information on our site, I’m able to connect and offer assistance that can help move a member closer to applying for a mortgage with Listerhill, without bothering members who are looking for other services,” said Angela Underwood, Mortgage Originator Specialist with Listerhill.“It’s a high-touch sales process that aligns to Listerhill’s focus on great member experiences,” added Underwood.

Proactive outreach accounts for 56% of total engagements on the mortgage page with a higher average handle time of about 13 minutes. By taking more time to guide members through the arduous, multifaceted mortgage process, Listerhill greatly reduces complexity and provides a higher level of support required to drive up the conversion rate. This friendly, hands-on service has helped to grow Listerhill’s business while maintaining strong member relationships.

“Glia’s Digital Customer Service allows us to stay connected with all our members, especially our borrowers, to better understand their needs in real time, and build the relationship—all in one engagement,” said Holland.

Listerhill’s Digital-First Future

Even though the pandemic has subsided and in-branch service is less challenging, digital support remains a highly popular option that members have come to expect. With a member satisfaction score of 4.75 out of 5, it has proven to be more than a social distancing solution. Digital-first service is here to stay and only growing in popularity. As Listerhill continues to embrace and evolve digital solutions, it remains true to its mission: ‘improving lives in our community.’

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