OneMain Solutions Streamlines Credit Insurance Service with SMS

Engages customers through popular texting feature to launch seamless digital-first interactions

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digital-first service
Deflect high call volumes with quick, digital-first option that customers prefer
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Maintain OneMain’s trademark personalized service
digital-first service
Shift the interaction mix from phone calls to seamless Digital Customer Service


SMS provides a popular digital alternative to callers facing long wait times during peak hours
Allows customers to engage with OneMain at their convenience, on their timeline
High majority of customers opting for SMS continue to use texting to engage OneMain for future interactions
"More customers are shifting to digital-first service, both reducing call wait times and driving new efficiencies. Digital service reps, for example, can manage up to three chat interactions at once vs only one at a time via phone."



abandonment rate, down 67% with SMS


shift to SMS permanently


reduction in timed-out restarts
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OneMain Solutions Embraces Digital-First Service to Manage High Call Volumes

OneMain Solutions is a family of insurance companies that provides credit insurance, term life insurance, and membership plans to OneMain Financial’s customers. Comprised of both American Health and Life Insurance Company, a life and annuity underwriter, and Triton Insurance Company, a property and casualty underwriter, OneMain Solutions has more than 75 years of experience with licensed agents in nearly 1,600 locations nationwide.

OneMain Solutions supports a broad portfolio of credit insurance and guaranteed asset protection insurance, offered as part of personal and auto loans from OneMain Financial, as well as non-credit insurance, such as term life or collateral protection policies. After years of steady growth, the customer service team experienced a substantial increase in call volume as the pandemic unfolded, leading to longer wait times even with self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features.

OneMain Solutions was already exploring Digital Customer Service to offer convenient online support options and quickly accelerated deployment to help deflect the rising number of phone calls. They launched the Glia Interaction Platform in April 2020 to provide online chat support. This included an AI-powered chatbot custom-built by OneMain Solutions and fully integrated with the Glia solution via the AI Management platform. The chatbot, named Zander, serves as a concierge to quickly provide customers with basic information and guide them to the most appropriate OneMain representative, as needed.

About 42% of OneMain Solutions’ service requests are for a simple claims status update, which Zander can typically provide. This allows service reps to focus on more complex inquiries, offering the high-touch, personalized support that OneMain is known for. Glia’s online collaboration tools, including CoBrowsing, enables service reps to provide hands-on support online, assisting with claim form completion, for example.

While live chat and Zander’s automated self-service provided digital-first options for customers, OneMain Solutions did not have a large web presence, with most customers either contacting their OneMain agent directly or calling into the contact center for help. The insurer needed an attractive way to shift customers from traditional phone to digital-first service.

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SMS Creates Popular Gateway to Digital Customer Service

SMS text messaging has long been more popular than making a phone call. OneMain Solutions saw an opportunity to deflect high call volumes with an SMS option that let customers engage customer service via text.

Integration with Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution was critical to enable a seamless experience as customers opted for online service over phone support. Glia’s SMS Gateway provided that integration, allowing customers to start with the convenience of an SMS text and transition to live online chat for a richer experience within Glia’s secure Digital Customer Service environment. Customers are offered the SMS option from the phone queue message as they wait for a representative. After sending a text, customers are connected to Zander who either provides the requested information or connects them to a live representative via chat.

Once in chat, customers can undergo verification and service reps can provide them with full service once they are signed in. OneMain Solutions has set verification to last for two hours, giving customers ample time to engage and resolve issues on their own schedule. Studies have shown that customers are frustrated when they have to restart an interaction, leading to high abandonment rates. OneMain Solutions has found the vast majority of customers are able to complete interactions digitally within those two hours, lowering the number of interaction restarts and driving up OneMain Solutions resolution rates.

The SMS option has proven to be very popular, steadily decreasing overall call volume in favor of this texting-based solution. OneMain Solutions has found that 85% of customers choosing the SMS option within the phone queue continue to engage via SMS for future inquiries. More customers are shifting to digital-first service, both reducing call wait times and driving new efficiencies. Digital service reps, for example, can manage up to three chat interactions at once vs only one at a time via phone.

“SMS has been a winning strategy for OneMain Solutions, allowing us to attract customers to our digital-first customer service and align to customer preferences through a popular mobile feature. OneMain serves a demographic that leans toward younger generations, which led us to explore the SMS strategy. We have been pleasantly surprised by how customers from older generations are also embracing the service too,” said Brian Schultheis, Customer Care Sr. Supervisor, Customer Solutions Center, OneMain Solutions.

Digital Customer Service has enabled OneMain Solutions to provide convenient online support options that reduce call volume and wait times while meeting today’s digital-first expectations. SMS text messaging has been especially effective in helping customers transition to digital service, as OneMain Solutions begins to flip the mix from primarily phone-based support to preferred on-screen service.

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